Friday Chic: Contrast

2015.5.3Contrast2 2015.5.3Contrast3 2015.5.3Contrast4 2015.5.3Contrast5 2015.5.3Contrast

 tank – J. Crew | jean jacket – H&M | jeans – Banana Republic | boots – Coclico via Baggio Consignment | necklace from an estate sale | sunglasses – thrifted

Photos by Andrew

I like creating outfits that have contrast, something visually interesting that may take you a minute or two to figure out. I put this outfit together for an afternoon of pulling looks for the Virginia This Morning segment as it was comfortable, but layered and had a few interesting details. An easy way to create contrast and interest in your own looks is to start with a somewhat monochrome base (try all grays or a mix of black and white) and then add a detail that pops – something that isn’t quite like everything else. For this outfit, the addition of this brown tone necklace, with some silver/grey accents to tie in it, really helped add a visual element. Because the look wasn’t matched, it stood out more.


calvin-klein-dark-wash-denim-trucker-jacket h-m-long-tank-top-black-ladies topshop-moto-leigh-cropped-skinny-jeans-blue-black-regular-short-long 7689b9d4ec96625fa6162a86bb7c2ff0_best 0e23e3deb78434e9d31b92b26c345944_best

1. H&M tank top

2. Dark Wash Jean Jacket

3. Top Shop Jeans

4. Coclico boots because all of their shoes are gorgeous | A more affordable boot

5. Lafayette 148  necklace | Kenneth Jay Lane necklace 

I am in Colorado traveling, rock climbing, adventuring and doing all things fun until June 3. I will respond to comments and questions as I am able. Style/fashion related snaps will be posted to Chic Stripes social media accounts as usual, but most travel pictures will be here. Please follow if you like!

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Life: #LestersGoWestPartTwo


 A bike friendly building in the middle of downtown Denver that includes a ramp to easily take your bike up and down the stairs.

Last October, my husband and I took a trip to Colorado to visit my brother. We had an absolute blast rock climbing for the first time, hiking an 18 mile route to a hot spring at 14,000 feet elevation, camping in a national park, riding B Bikes around the city and trying great Colorado brews. As you read this, we are on a plane, westward bound again; this time for a two week visit that will feature more rock climbing, camping and hikes. But we will also be spending more time in the city, working from Denver and exploring. We are looking forward to such a lengthy trip as a way to get to know the city. I will be posting most of our adventures and updates here, but, as always, fashion relevant ones will be featured on my normal blog accounts. I have also worked really hard (seriously) scheduling blog posts for you all during the weeks that we are gone. There are a few special ones, so I hope you enjoy those in addition to the outfit photos.


2015-05-18 Elements Giveaway 2

For all of my regular blog readers I have a fun surprise for you! Lather sentElements Beauty Shop a few full size bottles of their amazing products and Elements gave one to me to give to one of you. I think all my posts raving about Lather turned me into their Lather ambassador. But I am not complaining because I seriously love my Lather products. Soooo, up for giveaway is thisLather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub (so that’s a mouthful). To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me about your go-to, favorite beauty product. I will randomly choose one winner when I return, so this giveaway is open between 5/20-6/3! I won’t be publicizing this giveaway openly. It truly is a “THANK YOU” to all who read my posts.

Interested in the other Lather products I own and love? See them all below!


All photos via Elements Beauty Shop

Left to right, top to bottom:

#1-4 are my current morning routine and #4-7 are my current nighttime routine.

1. Ultra Mild Face Wash – I alternate between this and my St. Ives (or secretly my husband’s Jack Black face buff. The peppermint smells so good!). It has such a light clean feeling to it. I received a full size bottle of this from my first month’s work with Elements.

2. Toning Eye Gel with Vitamin K – I use this before lotion. It is supposed to help de-puff puffy eyes. The jury is still out on if it’s helping, but I like the routine. I purchased this after trying the sample.

3. Advanced Blemish Control Serum – If you order anything, please order this. Seriously. It will be the best $30 you ever spent. This serum is the best out of any I’ve tried and it will stop blemishes in their tracks. I am still working off my sample I received from Elements.

4. Ultra Light Face Lotion – I use this daily; love it! It seems like a relatively small bottle, but I have had mine since March and I should have another 2-3 months left. I received a full size bottle of this from my first month’s work with Elements.

5. Licorice Root Eye Treatment – I use this at night as a restorative cream for under my eyes. Again, jury’s still out, I don’t use it as religiously as I should, but I like it. I purchased this after trying the sample.

6. Sweet Almond Face Moisturizer – I purchased this at the last Element’s event because I wanted a heavier cream to use at night. A little goes a long way and I love putting this on before bed.

7. Lip Conditioning Balm – This was recommended in my last Element’s beauty post and I snagged it at the event as well. I have noticed that my lips aren’t as as dry as usual (this could also because it’s been so darn hot here lately), but I’m still tempted to bite at them or pull loose skin. I put this on every night and have recently started using in the morning as well. Having and using this is a good motivator to NOT bite at my lips or to stop myself when I start because I don’t want to waste my time, effort or money on products if I am going to just self-destruct them.

If you are interested in trying any of these products, you can use the code CHICSTRIPES10 to get 10% off your first online order. Don’t forget if you order online, you can stock up on loyalty points and get $5 credit for every review you write.

I am an #ElementsBeautyBlogger and often work with Elements to provide sponsored content. Jeanie and Sherry are not paying me or gifting me anything to share this with you; there were no conditions to link to them or to tell you about my other products. As I told Jeanie, I love being able to partner with brands that I believe in and offer quality products to my readers. So a huge THANK YOU to them for allowing me to host this giveaway and for believing in blogger creativity and artistic control. ;) 


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Monday Chic: Southwest Touches

2015.5.11SouthwestTouches 2015.5.11SouthwestTouches4 2015.5.11SouthwestTouches2 2015.5.11SouthwestTouches3top – Banana Republic | skirt – American Apparel | necklace – via estate sale, brand/type unknown | shoes – Goffredo Fantini. These will be available at the Genesis Clothing Company’s first sale!! Look for it this summer.

The other day, my friend Lauren and I were chatting via Instagram about our love for Native American jewelry. I spent several years (6 to be exact) traveling to Arizona with my church youth group for mission trips on the Navajo reservation. Besides the time we spent building relationships with the community, I loved shopping the roadside vendors. The jewelry is so beautiful, full of color and life and the craftsman ship is top notch. When I spotted these mules while out hunting one day, I snapped them up, barely looking at the price or label. The stripes and colors were so reminiscent of my Native American jewelry and those Southwest touches I love so much. As it turns out, the mules are made in Italy and from a pretty prominent and quality brand.


641f1c8db6d158ce5f2c227c401c0787_best e97fe5553680e0c5a9103f749ce32e7f_best 2015-05-11 16.54.25 il_570xN.756494161_i1pa

1. Chambray top

2. Skirt – So not a match, but how cute?? Love the graphic stripes. I could see this actually working with the shoes as long as the top was neutral and accessories were kept to a minimum.

3. Shoes – GENESIS CLOTHING COMPANY. Coming soon. ;) How fun is that to say?

4. Squash Blossom Necklace – If you like this style, I would set up an eBay search for “Squash Blossom Necklace.” I did a quick Etsy search and while I found a ton of gorgeous pieces, they were quite pricey (think $300-$2,000!) which I can only imagine is due to their authenticity and the sheer amount of turquoise stones.


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Friday Chic: Neutrals

2015.5.12Neutrals 2015.5.12Neutrals3 2015.5.12Neutrals4 2015.5.12Neutrals2top – thrifted | skirt – American Apparel | sandals – Zara | necklace – vintage from my grandmother | ring – nest | sunglasses – Prada

I wore this earlier this week for a work related coffee event. In the summer I am drawn to dresses and skirts because of the sheer cooling effect (literal here, as in temperature) they have. I like shorts, but am very picky about the style and length and of course most people can’t wear them during their typical work day. A skirt, on the other hand, can be very versatile. For work or more corporate environments, you would want to stick with a skirt just an inch or two above your knee and in a silk or thicker fabric. Avoid the tight knits or stretch skirts (like this one) unless in a very casual environment and you can pair it with a looser top that will cover some of the curve hugging.


il_570xN.754398202_smav 907909f7f83a03ae09af0a24970dd105_best ef3092ed8db2ff83087612fc36b7e6e8_best 09j3053a

1. Top – These are best when found thrifting or vintage. Head to Etsy for a good selection.

2. Skirt – Mine is super old from American Apparel, back when they made more basics than…well…what they sell now.

3. Sandals – Obviously not exact match, but this style of sandals is super flattering (especially on petite women).

4. Necklace – Mine here is what I think is vintage, carved ivory. I know a lot of people will have issue with ivory, but for those that don’t, the second hand market is a great place to find these unique pieces.


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Virginia This Morning – Summer Styles

2015-05-08 05.41.04

Showing off a bohemian inspired look with pieces from Genesis Clothing Company, Addison and Ashby.

Photo cred: Lauren

Last Friday I had the opportunity to share another style segment on CBS6 Virginia This Morning (you can see the first one here). These segments are always fun because I get to talk about one off my favorite things ever: second hand shopping. This time I was showing off great summer styles for women and one (sadly, just one) for men.

2015-05-08 04.48.13

The sisters together! From left to right: Lauren, Sydney, Hannah. Yes, the youngest is also the tallest.

Photo cred: Stephen

I also got to share a few sneak peeks into a project I have been working on with my sisters: Genesis Clothing Company, an online second hand store. We have been working on this since last November, so it’s been a long time coming and I will certainly share more! Follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes photos and other things while we prepare for our launch this summer.2015-05-08 05.46.25

In the mean time, please feel free to watch the whole segment to hear us chat about jumpers, overall and how great vintage or unique finds never go out of style. Special thanks to Ashby, Addison Handmade and Vintage and Yesterday’s Heroes Vintage who provided the clothing for this segment! Thank you Alexandra, Stephen and Hannah for being my go-to models. Thank you Torri and Virginia This Morning for having me back. Your team is a pleasure to work with!


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