NBC 12 Feature – Online Auctions

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 4.56.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.28.43 PMTwo stills from my recent segment with NBC12 Richmond’s More Bank for  Your Buck

Today I’ve got a little video for you! A few weeks ago I filmed a television segment with NBC12. I’ve worked with them before (here and here) but this particular segment has been a while in the making. It’s a recent obsession of mine and in the segment I delve into the tips and tricks for scoring big at…. online auctions! Seriously, how much better does shopping from your sofa get?? I also got to mention Gen. Co., which was featured prominently and is a huge deal! You can view the whole video here. Happy online shopping! Just don’t steal my deals…


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2015.7.16summer3tank – Forever 21 | skirt – American Apparel | belt – thrifted, The Clothes Rack | shoes – Target, thrifted from The Clothes Rack | jean jacket – H&M | ring – Nest RVA

The perfect summer outfit is comprised of white and light wash denim. It always feels fresh and can be styled in so many different ways – think white shorts and jean jacket, white dress and jean jacket, boyfriend jeans and white tank. Here I added a neutral skirt, heels and a belt with a hint of color. Perfectly summer.



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What I Packed: Beauty Edition

2015.7.29 what I packed beauty edition

In a previous post I spilled my secrets on light packing for a ten day trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Today I’m sharing my beauty packing tips and tricks. Now, let me warn you, I am not a beauty blogger. I keep it simple, no frills. Ready?

2015.7.29 what i packed beauty edition 2

First, I pulled out my travel bag. I have two cute travel bags, one from Target and one from Stephanie Johnson that I won in a blog giveaway a while ago. I have used them both for years, but recently I discovered the wonders of using the bags that sheets come in. So not very glamours, but OH SO PRACTICAL. They are clear, which means easy to see what’s inside, they are huge and free (did I mention free? well, with the purchase of sheets anyway). But seriously, I love these things. If I want to separate, I just use smaller bags or zip locs. I have found that the predesigned travel bags are just too small for my use and then end up so big and bulky. While these may appear larger, they fit so much more without the interior compartments, that I can fit more stuff while actually taking up less room.

OK, so now that your mind is blown and you’ve bought new sheets, here’s what I’ve packed. It lets me use them up and they are also tiny and TSA approved.

  1. Toothbrush holders (and toothbrushes, before leaving duh)
  2. Airplane approved containers for makeup remover and toner
  3. Deodorant
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. My LATHER! Heavy face moisturizer, lip balm and spot serum
  6. Tooth paste, floss
  7. Tissues
  8. Make up cotton pads and cotton swabs

2015.7.29 what i packed beauty edition 3

I also brought along…every sample I’ve ever received! Not really, but I love packing samples for trips.

  1. Herban essentials – towelette samples
  2. Arrojo – shampoo and conditioner samples
  3. Kneipp callous salve sample (Thanks Elements!)
  4. Hawaiian Tropics after sun sample from Influenster
  5. Sun Bum sun block (won at Bombshell!)
  6. Cuticle oil
  7. Neosporin/bandaids
  8. Sydney tin – contains hair ties, bobby pins and elastic head bands. A friend made this for me one Christmas in high school/early college (?) and I have used it ever since. It’s an old Altoids tin that was painted and decorated.

Not shown – my minimal make up for a trip of sun and sand: 2 eyeshadow palettes, eyelash curler, mascara, white/black eyeliner, bronzer, brushes for the these things. And there you go – beauty packing the essentials.



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What I Packed

2015.7.24 What I packed

I am a notorious over packer. Without fail, every trip, I end up with more clothes than I could possibly wear. I start my packing with good intentions. I create outfits, I lay them out, I pack them up. And then I start throwing things in at the last minute. That tank top would really come in handy, what if I need this sweater? I was determined to pack lightly for our trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here is what I packed for ten days:

  1. 4 tank tops
  2. 2 dresses
  3. 2 pairs of shorts
  4. 2 swim suits
  5. 2 pairs of shoes (tennis shoes not pictured)
  6. 2 belts
  7. 1 sweater
  8. 1 rain jacket
  9. 1 tote/beach bag
  10. 1 pair of cheapo sunglasses
  11. And the other things you need: travel clothes, pajamas, workout gear (2 pairs), underthings, etc.

When packing, I made sure that each of the items I packed would work well with the others. My tank tops can mix and match with either of my shorts or can be layered under my sweater. The sweater can go over either of the dresses. One of the dresses can actually be paired with shorts. The tank tops can be layered over the dresses and accessorized with a belt for a new look. One dress can be shortened with the addition of a belt.

What I didn’t pack:

  1. Jewelry. Let’s be honest. We may do one meal out as a family, but most of our time will be spent swimming, hiking or exploring. There is no need for jewelry and I would hate to loose anything (one of my fears while traveling).
  2. Hat. Eh. It would just get crushed?
  3. Fancy shoes/sandals. I recently purchased a pair of Chacos (they are the new Birkenstocks, trust) and I love them. I texted my sisters while I was trying on a pair in store and Lauren lovingly reminded me how much I made fun of her when she bought hers. I immediately apologized and professed my love for the shoe – they are a GREAT outdoor shoe. And for a trip where we will be hiking, walking, in and out of water, they were a no brainer. And my ten year old leather Rainbows are due for retirement.
  4. Nice sunglasses. See my thoughts on jewelry and fancy shoes. My last pair of cheapo sunglasses JUST broke a week ago (which I actually bought at a thrift store a few weeks before the first St. John trip). I have been thrifting constantly and haven’t been able to find a replacement, so unless I came across something before we left, I’m rocking these free yellow shades.

Clothes details:

Bag – Amtrak tote bag | black/purple swim suit – Prana, Aleka top, Sail Blue, Saba bottom, Sail Blue  | black suit – Victoria’s Secret | rain jacket – REI, boys 12-14 | sandals – Chacos, Lightbeam | jean shorts – H&M | floral shorts – Thakoon for Target | white sweater – Merona from Ashby | black tank – Forever 21 | blue tank – Josie’s from The Clothes Rack | black silk tank – Cuddles, thrifted | grey tank – United Colors of Benetton | green dress – United Colors of Benetton | black dress – Jackie O!, thrifted



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Island Bound

396057_267773546670205_956020043_nView of Trunk Bay, one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world

Three years ago, our family jetted off for a week to St. John, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to – so peaceful and carefree. We have talked about that trip ever since and today we are headed back – this time for a three day stint in St. Thomas (just us “kids”: myself, husband and my siblings) and then we are meeting up with my mom and aunt and uncle for a week in St. John.
377716_268384079942485_1391076345_n The sugar mill plantation, Annaberg. We will be able to hike to this from our house!

Our first trip we stayed in a gorgeous house on Rendezvous Bay, near the town of Cruz Bay where the ferries port. Since we are making a return trip to the island, we wanted to experience something different and are staying on the south side of the island, on Lameshur Bay in a beautiful house with its own private sand beach, access to the bay for easy snorkeling and near by hiking trails that go to an ancient sugar mill, pictured above.

418668_267637536683806_838073599_nSO many lizards!

Suffice it to say, we are very much looking forward to this trip! I love the wildlife on the island, which is mostly a huge national park. Fishing is prohibited in most areas and the lizards come out in droves each morning.

544558_268383616609198_2046633711_nThe GORGEOUS Leinster Bay and my three siblings

We have plans to snorkel in blue water that is like none other and if good fortune prevails, we will be trying our hand at some deep water soloing (you think we would go a trip without rock climbing??).

549062_267637676683792_376972813_nIsland life is colorful (and full of one rum smoothie after another).

I had a pina colada for the first time in my life on the last trip and will be indulging in the rum fueled ones this go round. I have a few posts planned for the blog while we are gone, but to stay up to date on our adventures, follow @chicstripes for fashion related things (think: chacos and island wear), @genesisclothingcompany for thrifting, shop buying and sister shenanigans, and @sydneypbasslester for island life, landscapes and lots of family selfies. Peace!


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