Outfits: Coffee Break

2015-11-25 Coffee Break 22015-11-25 Coffee Break 1 2015-11-25 Coffee Break 32015-11-25 Coffee Break 4Outfit: tank – thrifted | sweater – See by Chloe from Clementine Consignment | jeans – H&M | boots – Atrex | bag- Cuyana | scarf – thrifted | necklace – from my grandmother

Images: Andrew

One of my favorite activities is ordering coffee from one of our million local coffee spots in Richmond. I’ll either sit and work, read, or take a walk. Here, I’ve just ordered a dirty chai from Plant Zero Cafe (whose tag line is everything) and took a quick walk around historic Manchester in Richmond. We have an abundance of old factory buildings that are slowly being turned into sleek apartments but, for now, this corner is still just old bricks and glass.


Outfits: Thankful

2015-11-27 Thankful 2 2015-11-27 Thankful 3 2015-11-27 Thankful 1 2015-11-27 Thankful 4

Outfit: sweater – Target from Ashby Consignment | jeans – H&M | tank – H&M, speaking of which – I need new white ones – any suggestions? | flats – Lanvin from Baggio Consignment | jewelry – all estate sales or from my mom | bag – Cuyana

Images: Andrew

Happy week after Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful day/long weekend filled with family, friends, food and adventure. We spent ours with heavy doses of all of the above. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving we head to my mother’s home in Yorktown and while we had  big plans to #optoutside (a bike ride around Jamestown and the Virginia Capital Trail), a bruised rib kept us from those plans. So instead, we opted to the nearest Christmas tree lot, purchased a fun sized Christmas tree (seriously, it’s shorter than I am), and had fun combing through handmade Christmas tree ornaments. This year I am thankful for so much and am looking forward to a holiday season celebrating all of it!

Outfits: Fall

2015-11-24 Fall 42015-11-24 Fall 22015-11-24 Fall 52015-11-24 Fall 12015-11-24 Fall 3

Outfit: dress/top – thrifted from The Clothes Rack | jeans – H&M | jean jacket – H&M | necklace – vintage from my grandmother | scarf – thrifted in Williamsburg, VA | boots – Coclico from Baggio Consignment | sunglasses – Prada | Bag – Cuyana

Images: Andrew

Here in Richmond we have been having unseasonably warm weather but beautifully colored leaf changes none the less. My husband and I make it a goal to hit Skyline Drive  in the Blue Ridge Mountains each year to catch the leaves change. But sometimes the most spectacular display of fall is in our own neighborhoods. We drive by this street almost daily and the canopy of pure yellow leaves never fails to make me smile. On this particular day it finally turned cold (frost on the ground!) and I had to capture the moment. On a fashion note – anyone else loving dresses over jeans/pants?? It’s the perfect way to extend your wardrobe into multiple seasons and I’m just getting into it. #latetotheparty

For all those celebrating, visiting family, and #optoutside-ing, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Outfits: Saturday Night

2015-11-13 Saturday Night 2 2015-11-13 Saturday Night 4 2015-11-13 Saturday Night 1 2015-11-13 Saturday Night 3 2015-11-13 Saturday Night 5

Outfit: top – Enza Costa from The Outnet | skirt – vintage, second hand from Ashby | tank – J. Crew | bag – thrifted | heels – Mossimo thrifted from The Clothes Rack | earrings – thrifted from Thrifty Quaker

Images; Andrew

I’ve been spending a lot of time in yoga pants, comfy sweaters, and jeans lately so it was nice to get fancied up for a date night to Southbound this past weekend. Southbound is one of those places that offers adventurous eating (blowfish that you eat like chicken wings were on the menu) and we ordered lamb and sweet potato gnocchi, pickled vegetables (for me), and a double cheeseburger with fries (for him). We have been having deliciously chilly fall weather for the last few weeks here in Richmond and this knee length green leather skirt was the perfect outfit pairing for a night out.

Outfits: Faux Wrap

2015-10-25 Faux Wrap 1 2015-10-25 Faux Wrap 3 2015-10-25 Faux Wrap 4 2015-10-25 Faux Wrap 2 2015-10-25 Faux Wrap 5

Outfit: dress – Ronnie Heller Designs for MJ from The Clothes Rack | belt – thrifted, from The Clothes Rack | shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo from Baggio Consignment | earrings – Clothes Mentor Short Pump | ring – vintage

Images: Hannah

Despite the fashion world’s constant yammering that the wrap dress is THE dress to have, I have only ever owned one other one (an Alice Temperly for Target, one of the very first collabs). It was a true wrap dress and it indeed did flatter. When I spotted this one on the rack at a local thrift store i new I had to try it on. I snapped a dressing room selfie and took it home that day. And what better things to pair it with than all #2ndhand1st items? Also – a red barn is A+ for blogging photos.

Outfits: Yellow

2015-09-10 Yellow 1

Outfit: top – Banana Republic | skirt – B-Sides thrift | necklace – estate sale | bag – Cuyana | heels – Aldo

Images: Andrew

I’ve held on to these yellow, wooden block heels for way too long. They hold a special place in my heart for being quirky and artistic. But their little secret? They are the worst pair of shoes in the world to walk in; they don’t stay on; they flop about. Totally not chic. So despite their cute appearance, they did not survive my KonMari clean-out, although they did manage one last outfit photo.

2015-09-10 Yellow 2

2015-09-10 Yellow 3
2015-09-10 Yellow 4

Outfits: Secret Garden

2015-09-15 Secret Garden 4 2015-09-15 Secret Garden 2 2015-09-15 Secret Garden 1 2015-09-15 Secret Garden 3

Outfit: top – Rachel Pally from Baggio Consignment | jeans – Banana Republic | scarf – thrifted | shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo, thrifted | sunglasses – Prada | bag – Cuyana | earrings – market in Hawaii | rings – Nest RVA and Stella and Dot

Images: Andrew

Last week my husband and I slipped away for an impromptu date night to The Cask, a little place that is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots for a great happy hour and fancy (but not so fancy that you feel pretentious) sausage and cheese boards. Add in their open garage doors, a setting sun and summer/fall night weather and it’s the perfect place to relax. In other news, I’ve been KonMari-ing my home and found these vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes I had tucked away in storage on the premise that I would use them for photo shoots. Well, photo shoots be dammed. These things sparked joy, I love ’em, and I couldn’t be happier that they found their rightful and permanent way into my wardrobe.

PSST – I actually have a white pair of identical Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, size 6, which will be up for sale over at Gen. Co. at some point. If this style is for you, and you want to give them a good home, let me know!