Outfits: Thankful

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Outfit: sweater – Target from Ashby Consignment | jeans – H&M | tank – H&M, speaking of which – I need new white ones – any suggestions? | flats – Lanvin from Baggio Consignment | jewelry – all estate sales or from my mom | bag – Cuyana

Images: Andrew

Happy week after Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful day/long weekend filled with family, friends, food and adventure. We spent ours with heavy doses of all of the above. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving we head to my mother’s home in Yorktown and while we had  big plans to #optoutside (a bike ride around Jamestown and the Virginia Capital Trail), a bruised rib kept us from those plans. So instead, we opted to the nearest Christmas tree lot, purchased a fun sized Christmas tree (seriously, it’s shorter than I am), and had fun combing through handmade Christmas tree ornaments. This year I am thankful for so much and am looking forward to a holiday season celebrating all of it!



My family – both immediate and in-laws

My sister Lauren who can make me laugh at any time

My grandmother Granny Dot who loves fashion and dressing up as much as me

My brother Brent who is super smart

My little sister Hannah who is incredibly talented

My mom who loves us unconditionally

My husband who works so very hard

My friends – both near and far, IRL and through the world of blogging

My TAU – you know who you are and you are FAB

My kitties – you annoy me with your high meowing, but I love that you are so affectionate

My home – it is warm, comfy and ours

My God – you are unconditional regardless of circumstances

My job – it’s steady and I am valued

My opportunities – they are so varied and many

My thanks could go on and on.  As I get older, I value them more and more.

What are you thankful for today?