2016 or bust!

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Is there a better way to welcome in 2016 than with a huge, fun, new announcement on one’s blog??? Okay, so I *could* think of some – like an island vacation, a life’s supply of coffee, finding perfect vintage….but I digress.

If you receive my newsletter (which you really should), then you will already know to head HERE (AKA CHICSTRIPES.COM!!!) for a peek at my brand new website/blog. Now you may be thinking, wait, didn’t I just launch SPStyle not that long ago. Yes I sure did, but it wasn’t really reflective of my style, you guys as my readers, or my goals. Plus I still had the blog, so it was just too much web for one girl. (It’s still active btw, as is this blog until I figure out some behind the scenes fun tech related things that I need to do.)

There are tons of things in store for the new site that include, but are not limited to:


  • Ethical fashion – Is ethical fashion still fashionable? Is it affordable? Who sells it? How do I find out?? So many questions and I’ll be tackling them in the coming months.
  • Sustainable fashion  I’m still thrifting and here’s where it fits, along with lots of other thoughts around living a sustainable life.
  • Form + functionSo I got into rock climbing, hiking, camping this past year. Basically all things no fashion forward person does right? WRONG. I’m here to show you how outdoor wear can work, and work well, while still keeping your fashion cred in check.
  • The occasional post for men. I get more questions from men about fashion than one would think – the hows, whys, whens, and wheres. Keep an eye out for yourself or maybe forward to the guy in your life.
  • Travel guidesholy *** am I excited about this one. This past year I took a freelance job writing outdoor guides for an online magazine and it was a blast! I love explaining the ins and outs of traveling, the hot spots, and all the what not and I’m looking forward to sharing those (and amazzzing photos) with you all. #outdoororbust #optoutside
  • Newsletter only info!heck yea,  you subscribers are great and you will get stuff no one else will get. Not sure what that will be yet, but just stay signed up, k? (see – this is why you should sign up).

As always, I’m still figuring some of this out as I go, but there’s no better time than the present, or launching a site and then HAVING to figure it out. So thanks for coming on this ride here at chicstripes.wordpress.com and I hope to see you at CHICSTRIPES.COM (can you tell I’m excited about the .com? There’s a story there. Head to Facebook to find out…and heck, you might as well like that page while you’re at it. ;) ).





2 thoughts on “2016 or bust!

  1. The new site looks GORGEOUS! So excited to follow along. I’m especially interested in ethical fashion, as it’s a personal goal for me. I try to focus on small businesses and secondhand finds for my home and closet, but it can be hard! Can’t wait to see what you have to say. Happy new year!

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