Sunday Chic: Bags and Flowers

Mixing colors and patterns has recently become a fashion aspiration of mine.  So far I’m not doing a great job… I love statement clothes, but I haven’t quite nailed matching mismatched patterns.  I have however, managed to throw a great deal of neon and bright color pops into otherwise neutral outfit.  Nothing brightens up a beige ensemble like a burst of lime green.

This is the first appearance of the Cynthia Steffe blouse I snagged for $5 at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Mart while in New York City.  Don’t let it’s absense from the blog fool you though, I have worn this blouse probably at least every 10 days.  It’s perfect for work but also great for cocktails or even a casual brunch.  What you have seen, repeatedly, is my trusty J. Crew traveling suitcase.  It pretty much goes with anything and everything, a fact I abuse greatly.  My snakeskin flats paired with the flowered blouse and bursts of color provide just enough detail interest without being overpowering.  Have you mixed patterns yet?  What’s your favorite way of keeping it chic without clashing?  What about color mixing?  Do share!

Outfit details: blouse, Cynthia Steffe via Hell’s Kitchen Flea Mart; skirt, J. Crew; cardigan, Old Navy via Plato’s Closet; flats, Urban Outfitters via Plato’s Closet; purse, J. Crew via Plato’s Closet; bracelets, Lucite from a street vendor


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