The Thrift Series: How to Scan a Rack


You guys know I LOVE thrifting right? I’ve been thrifting since I can remember – usually for fun, sometimes because I just want to save buck. Either way, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way and met some great people who also love thrifting and I’m super excited to announce a fun collaboration with Katie of the blog Duck in Yellow. She is a DIY, re-fashionista who I totally admire because she can make things out of curtains. Curtains you guys. She’s got a way with scissors, thread and dye. We are partnering up for a series of fun posts and live broadcasts all about thrifting. For our first post, we are giving you our insider tips on how to scan a thrift store rack. Thrift stores can be overwhelming, packed to the gills, and you don’t want to waste your time on items you know you won’t love. Head over to Katie’s blog to read her tips and keep reading for mine!

2015-10-15 A Thrift Series How to Scan Racks 1

A Thrift Series: How To Scan Racks

1. Push, shove and cram a row of hangers to one side. I am right handed, so I literally get in front of the racks and shove all the clothes to the right. Depending on how full a rack is, this trick may or may not work as well, but either way, you want to create some space for the passed over items.

2. Touch and flick each hanger. Once I’ve pushed everything aside, I touch each and every hanger and QUICKLY flick it over to the left. When you come across a fun item, you will instinctively slow down and can then move to my next tip, which is to….

3. Pick up and evaluate. Touching is key here, and when you’ve slowed enough to look over a piece, you really want to evaluate it. Pull it out of the mess of hangers and other items; scan for damage, holes, tears or picks; hold it up to your body; look at it in a mirror; and decide if you truly want/need it in your wardrobe.

4. Put back what you are passing on and keep it moving. The key to getting through racks at a thrift store is to move quickly and not linger over those what if’s – what if it were smaller, what if I could alter it, what if I bought this for my friend/sister/mom?

So there you have it. Four easy ways to quickly scan a thrift store rack and only take home those items that spark joy for you.

If you enjoyed this post, we hope you will enjoy our LIVE broadcast on Periscope next week where we take you through a thrift store, talk fall fashions, how to re-work those thrift store items into something a little more you. See below for details!ChicStripespromoimage

Images: Kyle. 

Location: The Thrifty Quaker

A huge thanks to Kyle who put with with Katie and I as we went through EVERY single rack in this thrift store, giggled over insanely funny and outdated items and literally tried on clothes in the store. I also want to thank The Thrifty Quaker for letting us shoot our images in the store. And finally, a big thank you to Katie from Duck in Yellow for partnering with me on this series!

7 thoughts on “The Thrift Series: How to Scan a Rack

  1. Love this. One of the toughest things for me when thrifting is imagining the item outside of its (usually) junky surroundings and in my home or closet. Sometimes those hidden gems are hidden really well!

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