Outfits: Form and Function

2015-10-06 Form and Function 3 2015-10-06 Form and Function 4 2015-10-06 Form and Function 2 2015-10-06 Form and Function 5

Outfit: top – Balance Micro Mesh Tank Top, Alternative | capris – Fabletics | sports bra – Target | sandals – Light Beam, Chaco | hat: United Way | jacket – Patagonia, thrifted | book bag – L.L. Bean | climbing helmet: El Cap, Mammut 

Images: Andrew

Ever since taking up rock climbing a year ago (a year to the day on Oct. 19!), I have spent more time in work out gear/apparel than I ever though was possible. I used to be a total ratty t-shirt and gym shorts girl. I mean, I was working out and getting sweaty, so what’s the big deal? But the outdoor community is full of fashion forward people that just have a different take on fashion because it also has to function. Chacos? Bring ’em on. They are the most functional sandal I have ever worn and I can hike, run, walk, bike and more in them. It’s not all function and no play though – I’m loving this Alternative mesh work out top with a cut away back. Definitely a far cry from a t-shirt with holes in it and a heck of a lot more fun.


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