Outfits: Yellow

2015-09-10 Yellow 1

Outfit: top – Banana Republic | skirt – B-Sides thrift | necklace – estate sale | bag – Cuyana | heels – Aldo

Images: Andrew

I’ve held on to these yellow, wooden block heels for way too long. They hold a special place in my heart for being quirky and artistic. But their little secret? They are the worst pair of shoes in the world to walk in; they don’t stay on; they flop about. Totally not chic. So despite their cute appearance, they did not survive my KonMari clean-out, although they did manage one last outfit photo.

2015-09-10 Yellow 2

2015-09-10 Yellow 3
2015-09-10 Yellow 4


10 thoughts on “Outfits: Yellow

  1. I love how your block heel pops here! Classic. I have a couple pairs – a wood heel with brown leather and then a grey suede. So sturdy under the heel!

  2. hi

    i’m really in love with your leather skirts
    should buy one
    hope you post soon pictures about you with your red leather skirt.


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