Outfits: Rule Breaker

2015.09.08 Rule Breaker 2015.09.08 Rule Breaker 4 2015.09.08 Rule Breaker 3 2015.09.08 Rule Breaker 2

Outfit: tank – Enza Costa | jeans – Citizens of Humanity from Clementine | kitten heels – Plato’s Closet | bag – Cuyana | belt – thrifted | watch – J.Crew | sunglasses – Prada

Images: Andrew

Long time no blog! Thank you for your patience while I took a much needed (although it seemed to go by all too quickly) break from the blog. I used a lot of my break time to recharge, vent about social media, plan where I want this blog to go, topics I want to cover (think: fashion sustainability and ethics, partnerships and collaborations, fashion documentaries/book reviews, etc.), and how I plan to infuse quality over quantity throughout it all. I’ll be making a few tweaks to the blog as we go and hope to pop in with a vlog or two. But in the mean time, let’s all don our white pants after Labor Day and keep things looking fresh shall we?


10 thoughts on “Outfits: Rule Breaker

  1. Lookin good! I’ve been rocking white sooo much! I can’t wait to wear it into the winter. Also, I have some of my favorite jeans from Clementine. You remind me I should go there to look for a new pair this fall. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading! You def have to do white in the right version (i.e. no white silk or “summery materials” but white in thick denim or wool is amazing for fall/winter!

  3. The break was nice and it’s certainly nice to not be putting myself on strict blogging schedule!! I’m trying to shake up my posts from only brick walls to something a little different. Glad to know it’s working. ;)

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