What I Packed: Beauty Edition

2015.7.29 what I packed beauty edition

In a previous post I spilled my secrets on light packing for a ten day trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Today I’m sharing my beauty packing tips and tricks. Now, let me warn you, I am not a beauty blogger. I keep it simple, no frills. Ready?

2015.7.29 what i packed beauty edition 2

First, I pulled out my travel bag. I have two cute travel bags, one from Target and one from Stephanie Johnson that I won in a blog giveaway a while ago. I have used them both for years, but recently I discovered the wonders of using the bags that sheets come in. So not very glamours, but OH SO PRACTICAL. They are clear, which means easy to see what’s inside, they are huge and free (did I mention free? well, with the purchase of sheets anyway). But seriously, I love these things. If I want to separate, I just use smaller bags or zip locs. I have found that the predesigned travel bags are just too small for my use and then end up so big and bulky. While these may appear larger, they fit so much more without the interior compartments, that I can fit more stuff while actually taking up less room.

OK, so now that your mind is blown and you’ve bought new sheets, here’s what I’ve packed. It lets me use them up and they are also tiny and TSA approved.

  1. Toothbrush holders (and toothbrushes, before leaving duh)
  2. Airplane approved containers for makeup remover and toner
  3. Deodorant
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. My LATHER! Heavy face moisturizer, lip balm and spot serum
  6. Tooth paste, floss
  7. Tissues
  8. Make up cotton pads and cotton swabs

2015.7.29 what i packed beauty edition 3

I also brought along…every sample I’ve ever received! Not really, but I love packing samples for trips.

  1. Herban essentials – towelette samples
  2. Arrojo – shampoo and conditioner samples
  3. Kneipp callous salve sample (Thanks Elements!)
  4. Hawaiian Tropics after sun sample from Influenster
  5. Sun Bum sun block (won at Bombshell!)
  6. Cuticle oil
  7. Neosporin/bandaids
  8. Sydney tin – contains hair ties, bobby pins and elastic head bands. A friend made this for me one Christmas in high school/early college (?) and I have used it ever since. It’s an old Altoids tin that was painted and decorated.

Not shown – my minimal make up for a trip of sun and sand: 2 eyeshadow palettes, eyelash curler, mascara, white/black eyeliner, bronzer, brushes for the these things. And there you go – beauty packing the essentials.




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