What I Packed

2015.7.24 What I packed

I am a notorious over packer. Without fail, every trip, I end up with more clothes than I could possibly wear. I start my packing with good intentions. I create outfits, I lay them out, I pack them up. And then I start throwing things in at the last minute. That tank top would really come in handy, what if I need this sweater? I was determined to pack lightly for our trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here is what I packed for ten days:

  1. 4 tank tops
  2. 2 dresses
  3. 2 pairs of shorts
  4. 2 swim suits
  5. 2 pairs of shoes (tennis shoes not pictured)
  6. 2 belts
  7. 1 sweater
  8. 1 rain jacket
  9. 1 tote/beach bag
  10. 1 pair of cheapo sunglasses
  11. And the other things you need: travel clothes, pajamas, workout gear (2 pairs), underthings, etc.

When packing, I made sure that each of the items I packed would work well with the others. My tank tops can mix and match with either of my shorts or can be layered under my sweater. The sweater can go over either of the dresses. One of the dresses can actually be paired with shorts. The tank tops can be layered over the dresses and accessorized with a belt for a new look. One dress can be shortened with the addition of a belt.

What I didn’t pack:

  1. Jewelry. Let’s be honest. We may do one meal out as a family, but most of our time will be spent swimming, hiking or exploring. There is no need for jewelry and I would hate to loose anything (one of my fears while traveling).
  2. Hat. Eh. It would just get crushed?
  3. Fancy shoes/sandals. I recently purchased a pair of Chacos (they are the new Birkenstocks, trust) and I love them. I texted my sisters while I was trying on a pair in store and Lauren lovingly reminded me how much I made fun of her when she bought hers. I immediately apologized and professed my love for the shoe – they are a GREAT outdoor shoe. And for a trip where we will be hiking, walking, in and out of water, they were a no brainer. And my ten year old leather Rainbows are due for retirement.
  4. Nice sunglasses. See my thoughts on jewelry and fancy shoes. My last pair of cheapo sunglasses JUST broke a week ago (which I actually bought at a thrift store a few weeks before the first St. John trip). I have been thrifting constantly and haven’t been able to find a replacement, so unless I came across something before we left, I’m rocking these free yellow shades.

Clothes details:

Bag – Amtrak tote bag | black/purple swim suit – Prana, Aleka top, Sail Blue, Saba bottom, Sail Blue  | black suit – Victoria’s Secret | rain jacket – REI, boys 12-14 | sandals – Chacos, Lightbeam | jean shorts – H&M | floral shorts – Thakoon for Target | white sweater – Merona from Ashby | black tank – Forever 21 | blue tank – Josie’s from The Clothes Rack | black silk tank – Cuddles, thrifted | grey tank – United Colors of Benetton | green dress – United Colors of Benetton | black dress – Jackie O!, thrifted



One thought on “What I Packed

  1. Good tips! Packing for 10 days in Spain. I think the jewelry might have to come with me, though! I’m going to stick to a color palette and use a lot of multitaskers. I’ll report back!

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