Genesis Clothing Company



The Gen. Co. logo!

Logo design by Erin Dayhoff. You can view her work here or contact her at:

This morning I am very excited to officially introduce the Genesis Clothing Company – a second hand clothing store that specializes in bringing you #conversationpieces for your wardrobe. Gen. Co. has been a pushed back idea of mine for a while (my Shop Chic Stripes insta account is still up for that evidence…) and last Christmas I broached the ideas with my sisters, who also live and love that thrift life. They loved it and for the past six months we have been working on logo design, figuring out business ideas, buying inventory, arguing (yes, it’s true), featuring items on Virginia This Morning, having our first and second sales (!), being interviewed by the folks at Coffee with Strangers, and applying for our first vendor fair. I’ve worn some of our Gen. Co. pieces on the blog and we’ve hinted about what’s coming, but I wanted to officially share it with all of you who read this blog. Right now, we sell 100% on Instagram through monthly flash sales. We typically announce the sales a week out and buying is simple – be the first to comment on an item with your email (and pay your invoice of course) and the one-of-a-kind piece is yours! I truly can’t express what a ride this has been so far. Some days I think we all wanted to just throw in the towel (I mean, seriously, it took us 5 months to figure out a logo that we all three liked) and other days, like when we have happy customers who love their new pieces, we are ecstatic. I’ll be sharing more about Gen. Co. from time to time, I’m sure, but to stay in the loop, please feel free to give us a follow!

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5 thoughts on “Genesis Clothing Company

  1. Hi Karla – so sorry for such a late response! I’ve been on a blogging summer break. :) Thank you for the kind words – we hope to see you at our next sale – Sept. 21!

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