Outfits: Conversation Pieces

2015.6.25 Mules 2015.6.25 Mules2 2015.6.25 Mules3 2015.6.25 Mules4top – Banana Republic | jeans – Levi’s from Ashby | mules – Goffredo Fantini from Genesis Clothing Company | bracelets – turquoise and silver from Navajo Reservation in Arizona, other silver – gift 

Do you ever find something totally funky and cool that you love, but that goes against all the fashion rules, the style uniforms and the “it” whatevers? Over the past few months I have been Pinning like crazy to my “Style Uniform” board and it’s full of neutrals like black, navy, and greys. Subdued colors that speak to a casual, adult sophistication. But if you go far enough back to my very early pins, you see super fun pops of color, designs and patterns. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my neutrals and am still planning on building a close around it. But I have also been falling in love again with my crazy pieces – those weird, so ugly they are cool, pieces that truly turn your wardrobe into a conversation piece. These mules, purchased for Gen. Co., totally fit that bill, like so many of the other fun and funky pieces I have bought lately. They add a bit of personality and are, just maybe, causing me to rethinki my own style uniform.


2 thoughts on “Outfits: Conversation Pieces

  1. If you love it – wear it. Nothing exudes confidence more than a woman wearing something that truly makes her happy. You could be wearing the most “it” outfit, but if you don’t feel happy in it, you might as well be wearing a sack. And yes, I think your mules are funky. :)

  2. Lol!! Love your last sentence so much. They are super funky and not everyone’s cup of tea. But I am in total agreement with the start of your comment and truly believe if you love something and wear it, the confidence you exude will make it work for you. Thanks for reading Sheree!

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