Local: Rosewood Clothing Company

2015-05-13 07.47.02{Rosewood Clothing Company}

I first met Ashley Carruthers, owner of Rosewood Clothing Company at Baggio Consignment. Considering that first meeting location, it should come as no surprise that we share a love of second hand goods and quality made new items. We had been meaning to get together so that she could show me her store for months now and I was able to head over there days before leaving on our Colorado trip. From the moment I walked in, the store aesthetic and vibe blew me away. It is easily one of the prettiest and most serene stores I have been in to date. It is filled with vintage finds ranging from Coach bags to unique tops and some of the prettiest handmade items that you will ever see.

2015-05-13 07.56.33{A lovely summer dress and handmade jewelry}

Rosewood opened on December 18, 2014 and is located on Broad Street, in downtown Richmond. Not an area known for great traffic or safe streets, Ashley and Rosewood are part of a community looking to bring new customers and stores to this strip. And she is seeing success. She isn’t reliant on the seasonal VCU college shoppers but is instead creating a dedicated community with intentional shopping purposes.

2015-05-13 08.09.14{Rosewood is easily a perfect place to pick up gifts}

 Ashley came to Richmond in 2005. She was one of the original owners/partners of Addison Handmade and Vintage. After a time at Addison and a later stint at Baggio,  she struck out on her own with Rosewood with the support of her friends and family.

2015-05-13 08.01.51{Beautiful home goods are mixed in with vintage wares, bringing something for everyone}

With over 30 clothing vendors and a number of hand made items, Rosewood is living out Ashley’s early mission of being a place where local artists can share their wares, experiment with new creations and find out that maybe, just maybe, they can make a living out of doing what they love. You can find a number of artists at Rosewood with pieces that will appeal to everyone’s senses: PAN Natural Goods, Minerva Jewelry, Colo/Palo, Mint House Goods, Drift Riot and Maven Made with items ranging from beauty products to jewelry to pottery.

2015-05-13 08.10.30{The beautiful and inspiring Ashley}

Ashley’s take on business is refreshing and yet down to earth. She says,”I didn’t have a business license when I started. I didn’t know! You don’t have to be all bells and whistles at first. But you do put everything in if you want to give it your best shot.” She advises that you shouldn’t change your goals or vision to follow the money; it will come, eventually. What you really have to do, is just figure it out; how to make it work.

2015-05-13 08.02.19{Dainty smells}

OLO fragrances come from Portland and while they aren’t RVA local, they are a small business, dedicated to their craft. You will find many such products at Rosewood – small batch, carefully curated and pleasing not only to the eye, but also full of purpose.

2015-05-13 07.55.09{Beautifully handmade and dyed little pouches}

These leather pouches by Molly Campbell are dyed and crafted into one-of-a-kind pouches, perfect for all of your small trinkets, cards or cash. Every product in Rosewood has a story, a unique way of crafting or purpose behind their brand. When you shop at Rosewood, you aren’t only supporting Ashley and the local Richmond community, but you are supporting the larger community of artists.

2015-05-13 07.51.16{The serene wall behind Ashley’s work desk}

Ashley’s attention to detail at Rosewood clearly shows her dedication to her store, customers and self. It is a beautiful place to hang out on the leather coach, browse beauty products, or find a unique item to add to your wardrobe. Stop in at Saison Market down the street for Ashley’s favorite: nitro coffee and then continue your walk along Broad Street, doing your part in bringing community to this little spot in RVA.

All photos are copyrighted to Sydney Page Lester.



6 thoughts on “Local: Rosewood Clothing Company

  1. Great write up!! I need to plan an afternoon to check out all those Broad St. shops, and I love Molly Virginia Made! She’s a good friend, and her work is beautiful!

  2. Broad Street has a long history of NOT being safe and there are certainly stretches where the general public doesn’t like to go – whether it is a real or perceived safety issue. It has come a long way in part because of stores like Rosewood and the resurgence of Jackson Ward. It’s exciting to see!

  3. If you are local, you must go! Ashley is working on the website though, so soon everyone will be able to enjoy what she offers. Keep check in on the site!

  4. So cool that you are friends with one of the artists at Rosewood! There are still so many stores I need to check out as well. It’s fun to see that area growing.

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