Monday Chic: Business Black

2015.5.14BusinessBlack 2015.5.14BusinessBlack2 2015.5.14BusinessBlack3Top – thrifted | blazer – H&M from Ashby | jeans – Levis from Ashby | flats – Via Spiga from Ashby | earrings – Stella and Dot | rings – Nest and Stella and Dot

I have done some massive closet cleansing over the past several months and have effectively also thrown out all of what used to be my “have a business related meeting must look nice tops.” Fortunately for me, I work in a very relaxed environment for a few of my other jobs and rarely have the need for a full on business suit. But now that I have gotten rid of my tops that used to work and I would wear even though I didn’t love them, I have found myself falling back on basic black. Until I can fill those holes, black is an easy combo that typically looks well put together and no nonsense.


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1. Silk tank

2. Levi’s Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

3. Blazer – Lucky Brand

4. Shoes – Nude Penny Loafers


I am in Colorado traveling, rock climbing, adventuring and doing all things fun until June 3. I will respond to comments and questions as I am able. Style/fashion related snaps will be posted to Chic Stripes social media accounts as usual, but most travel pictures will be here. Please follow if you like!




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