My Sisters – #MyNajaPick


“It started with a belief that lingerie should be about the woman who wears it…
…and that it should make her feel good about herself.”

I dismiss most PR pitches that I receive with a polite, thank you, but no thank you email. But when Naja reached out with their #MyNajaPick campaign that celebrates strong females that have made an impact in your life, I knew I wanted to participate. I became aware of Naja through their appearance on Shark Tank and loved their seriously beautiful and elegant designs. Several of the styles, colors and patterns remind me of old world vintage looks which is totally up my alley. And I also love Shark Tank; my husband and I have made it our Saturday morning ritual to watch the previous night’s episode each week. So Naja already had two things going for them when they sent their cold blogger pitch email. Like a lot of PR pitches I receive, it was simply a request to share their story by choosing women from your own life that inspired you. No money. No compensation.

“We did away with fake wind blowing into models’ hair and created a brand that could connect with smart, courageous, and sexy women.”

But I loved what Naja does with their brand – crafting lingerie that is for the woman wearing it. It was a chance to share about a brand that I genuinely liked while also spreading the word about their own entrepreneurship program.

“When you educate a woman, everything changes.”

Through a partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation in Columbia and their Underwear for Hope initiative, a percentage of Naja sales goes to supporting an entrepreneurial program for women, which gives jobs to and teaches marketable skills to single mothers living in Columbia. Every bra you purchase through Naja comes with a lingerie wash bag. Each of these bags are made by the women employed through Underwear for Hope.

My sisters are my Naja nomination – they are both strong, beautiful women who have been through their share of hardships but have come out on top. I wish that I could live as spontaneously and as carefree as they do sometimes. They are full of laughter, are insightful, caring, sensitive, funny. There are five and ten years between my sisters and I, but you would never tell (well, hopefully you can tell I am the more mature older sister). I can’t imagine life without my sisters.

And because this is a fashion blog, I will leave you with my favorite bras from the Naja collection. Please check out their beautiful designs and feel good that not only are you supporting a small business owner in the U.S., but that you are supporting female entrepreneurs abroad.


Images and quotes via Naja

1. Valentina Bustier

2. Adriana Bralette 

3. Sparrow Isabel Bra

I am in Colorado traveling, rock climbing, adventuring and doing all things fun until June 3. I will respond to comments and questions as I am able. Style/fashion related snaps will be posted to Chic Stripes social media accounts as usual, but most travel pictures will be here. Please follow if you like!


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