Monday Chic: T-Shirt, Jeans and Sneakers

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 shirt – GAP from Ashby | jeans – J. Crew from Ashby | shoes – Target | earrings – estate sale | sunglasses – thrifted | rings – Stella and Dot, Nest and Navajo jewelry from Arizona

I have always said that I would never be a jeans, t-shirt and sneakers kind of girl. It just seemed so unfashionable to me. But how unrealistic is that? What are you supposed to wear to festivals, baseball games or other casual activities? The key to a jeans, t-shirt and sneakers outfit is to make it you and pay attention to the details. A v-neck t-shirt is flattering on most women and adds instant visual interest. Boyfriend jeans, cropped jeans or even straight legged jeans can also work here, just pick a style that you like. Fortunately for those of us who are into fashion, sneakers have come a long way. My go-to’s are Superga, Vans and Converse for stylish yet perfectly functional sneakers. Add some jewelry as your day and schedule permits and off you go. Ready for a weekend (or weekday) casual look.


alexander-wang-classic-v-neck-pocket-t-shirt apt-9-modern-fit-cuffed-jean-capris-petite d3d11e289f37fde1fa382b3d28c1d483_best

1. T-shirt – T by Alexander Wang | Nicole Miller 2 pack V Neck

2. Jeans – Joe’s Jeans | Apt. 9 

3. Sneakers – Superga classic | Nike | Vans Slip Ons

I am in Colorado traveling, rock climbing, adventuring and doing all things fun until June 3. I will respond to comments and questions as I am able. Style/fashion related snaps will be posted to Chic Stripes social media accounts as usual, but most travel pictures will be here. Please follow if you like!


4 thoughts on “Monday Chic: T-Shirt, Jeans and Sneakers

  1. This is one of my go to looks for weekends! I’m a huge Vans girl. I could do anything in those shoes. Their little slip on socks paired with the shoe make them about the most comfy thing I wear. I have them in too many colors!

  2. Oh I love the idea of slip ons! I am just getting into sneakers and more comfy shoes, probably because of all the outdoor activities I have been doing lately. But you gotta have practical shoes!

  3. These are great because they are simple and easy to wear. They don’t provide the most support so I will put my arch supports in them if walking around for a while. But they were also super cheap!

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