Monday Chic: Southwest Touches

2015.5.11SouthwestTouches 2015.5.11SouthwestTouches4 2015.5.11SouthwestTouches2 2015.5.11SouthwestTouches3top – Banana Republic | skirt – American Apparel | necklace – via estate sale, brand/type unknown | shoes – Goffredo Fantini. These will be available at the Genesis Clothing Company’s first sale!! Look for it this summer.

The other day, my friend Lauren and I were chatting via Instagram about our love for Native American jewelry. I spent several years (6 to be exact) traveling to Arizona with my church youth group for mission trips on the Navajo reservation. Besides the time we spent building relationships with the community, I loved shopping the roadside vendors. The jewelry is so beautiful, full of color and life and the craftsman ship is top notch. When I spotted these mules while out hunting one day, I snapped them up, barely looking at the price or label. The stripes and colors were so reminiscent of my Native American jewelry and those Southwest touches I love so much. As it turns out, the mules are made in Italy and from a pretty prominent and quality brand.


641f1c8db6d158ce5f2c227c401c0787_best e97fe5553680e0c5a9103f749ce32e7f_best 2015-05-11 16.54.25 il_570xN.756494161_i1pa

1. Chambray top

2. Skirt – So not a match, but how cute?? Love the graphic stripes. I could see this actually working with the shoes as long as the top was neutral and accessories were kept to a minimum.

3. Shoes – GENESIS CLOTHING COMPANY. Coming soon. ;) How fun is that to say?

4. Squash Blossom Necklace – If you like this style, I would set up an eBay search for “Squash Blossom Necklace.” I did a quick Etsy search and while I found a ton of gorgeous pieces, they were quite pricey (think $300-$2,000!) which I can only imagine is due to their authenticity and the sheer amount of turquoise stones.


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