Friday Chic: Neutrals

2015.5.12Neutrals 2015.5.12Neutrals3 2015.5.12Neutrals4 2015.5.12Neutrals2top – thrifted | skirt – American Apparel | sandals – Zara | necklace – vintage from my grandmother | ring – nest | sunglasses – Prada

I wore this earlier this week for a work related coffee event. In the summer I am drawn to dresses and skirts because of the sheer cooling effect (literal here, as in temperature) they have. I like shorts, but am very picky about the style and length and of course most people can’t wear them during their typical work day. A skirt, on the other hand, can be very versatile. For work or more corporate environments, you would want to stick with a skirt just an inch or two above your knee and in a silk or thicker fabric. Avoid the tight knits or stretch skirts (like this one) unless in a very casual environment and you can pair it with a looser top that will cover some of the curve hugging.


il_570xN.754398202_smav 907909f7f83a03ae09af0a24970dd105_best ef3092ed8db2ff83087612fc36b7e6e8_best 09j3053a

1. Top – These are best when found thrifting or vintage. Head to Etsy for a good selection.

2. Skirt – Mine is super old from American Apparel, back when they made more basics than…well…what they sell now.

3. Sandals – Obviously not exact match, but this style of sandals is super flattering (especially on petite women).

4. Necklace – Mine here is what I think is vintage, carved ivory. I know a lot of people will have issue with ivory, but for those that don’t, the second hand market is a great place to find these unique pieces.


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