Virginia This Morning – Summer Styles

2015-05-08 05.41.04

Showing off a bohemian inspired look with pieces from Genesis Clothing Company, Addison and Ashby.

Photo cred: Lauren

Last Friday I had the opportunity to share another style segment on CBS6 Virginia This Morning (you can see the first one here). These segments are always fun because I get to talk about one off my favorite things ever: second hand shopping. This time I was showing off great summer styles for women and one (sadly, just one) for men.

2015-05-08 04.48.13

The sisters together! From left to right: Lauren, Sydney, Hannah. Yes, the youngest is also the tallest.

Photo cred: Stephen

I also got to share a few sneak peeks into a project I have been working on with my sisters: Genesis Clothing Company, an online second hand store. We have been working on this since last November, so it’s been a long time coming and I will certainly share more! Follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes photos and other things while we prepare for our launch this summer.2015-05-08 05.46.25

In the mean time, please feel free to watch the whole segment to hear us chat about jumpers, overall and how great vintage or unique finds never go out of style. Special thanks to Ashby, Addison Handmade and Vintage and Yesterday’s Heroes Vintage who provided the clothing for this segment! Thank you Alexandra, Stephen and Hannah for being my go-to models. Thank you Torri and Virginia This Morning for having me back. Your team is a pleasure to work with!


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