#CoffeewithStrangers: Not so Strange in RVA.

View More: http://capture-weddings.pass.us/cwssydney-page View More: http://capture-weddings.pass.us/cwssydney-page View More: http://capture-weddings.pass.us/cwssydney-page View More: http://capture-weddings.pass.us/cwssydney-pagePhoto cred: Jenny McQueen of Capture Photography

Here in Richmond, having coffee with someone is our way of saying you are pretty darn interesting. We hang out in a myriad of local coffee shops for both work and play and you can almost be guaranteed to run into someone “Richmond famous” at any of them. Coffee with Strangers RVA is RVA’s newest way of introducing all of us to those movers and shakers in Richmond, people who are doing interesting things and literally just making it happen. When Coffee with Strangers reached out to have coffee with me, I said yes without any hesitation. Besides it just being good marketing (honest blogger here), I love the creative community in Richmond and getting to think over how I live RVA, what I like, where I eat, what I do and why RVA is a great place for entrepreneurs was a very fun exercise.

Behind the scenes notes:

  • Typical Type-A, I took notes on what I wanted to say a few days before hand.
  • Coffee with Strangers was inspired by Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. As a Seinfeld and general comedy and off-beat TV fan (think Arrested Development, Always Sunny, Todd Margaret), I couldn’t help but love this idea even more.
  • Most episodes are hosted at WPA Bakery in Churchill.
  • There are four video cameras and one still camera rolling during the interviews.
  • The production team consists of 3 people who are typical RVAers: they have day gigs and side gigs. Matt does marketing for The Salvation Army, Kelli does promoting and booking for Mama J’s Kitchen and Jenny runs her photography business Capture Photography.

My video and podcast will air TODAY at 9 AM right here. Could you ask for a better way to kick off your Monday than some fun Q&A on my favorite spots in Richmond (maybe?)? And if you get addicted to Coffee with Strangers, as I did, you better block off the next hour to go back and watch the old episodes. Be warned: you may just fall in love with RVA all over again.

PS. I swear I own more clothes than this Enza Costa top and my Phillip Lim heels. But when you invest in designer goods, they are just that great that you want to wear them every day!


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