Wednesday Chic: An Urban Look and How to Care for Your Shoes


top – Enza Costa from The Outnet | vest – Guess, thrifted | jeans – GAP from Ashby | heels – 3.1 Phillip Lim from The Real Real | bag – thrifted from The Clothes Rack | belt – thrifted | earrings – Clothes Mentor Short Pump | rings – Nest and Stella and Dot | cuff – thrifted from The Clothes Rack

Photo cred: Christina

 As you read in Monday’s post, I attended a fun fashion preview event for VCU’s senior fashion show this past weekend. When attending events in Richmond, one can never truly know what to wear as dress will range from old Richmond decked out in bow ties and suits to society women in Valentino Rock Stud heels that they weren’t gifted because they have a blog, to your hipster fashion scene people to me. I feel most comfortable when I am in a slightly casual yet dressed up look so I hit the event in my tried and true boyfriend jeans from Ashby, the latest wardrobe addition: my 3.1 Phillip Lims and a few of my favorite thrifted accessories: bag, belt, vest, cuff. There are very few fashion “rules” that I follow, but one that is very true is that one where they say you can have good shoes or a good bag and not even worry about the rest of your outfit. I believe that good accessories can be added here, but at the very least, get yourself some good shoes. Save up. Use your Christmas/birthday money. Or just plain buy them if that’s your situation. But get a great pair of designer shoes that you can wear for the rest of your life and then wear the heck out of them. I was so hesitant to wear these shoes when I first got them because – Phillip Lim! Suede heels! Snakeskin! They are truly gorgeous but I didn’t pay $165 for these to have them sit in my closet (yes, $165 for Phillip Lim from The Real Real). A few tricks I am using to help keep them in primo condition:

  1. Walk carefully. I am HARD on my shoes. I walk fast and tend to just walk through things. No can do with these. When wearing them, I am much more conscious of where I am walking (no grass, cobble stones, etc.) and make sure I am not about to stick a heel in a crack somewhere because that is the quickest way to rough up a heel and send it into permanent disrepair.
  2. Clean and inspect. After each wearing, I dust them off, make sure the heels are not scuffed and take a general inventory of the soles and heels.
  3. Dust bag. The Real Real sent over individual dust bags for these shoes and I immediately place them back into the dust bags after wearing (and cleaning) and onto my shelf they go. Sure, it’s not Pinterest worthy, but I would rather have shoes that look good in real life than a closet that looks good on the internet.
  4. Repair them. Last but never, never the least. The purpose of cleaning and inspecting my shoes is so that I can catch a worn sole or any small damage before it becomes lasting damage. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked around in my heels, hearing a weird clack, only later to find I had worn them down to the nail in the heel. If you are in RVA, I am currently taking my shoes to Gus’s, but many people rave about Connie’s as well.



1. Enza Costa top. Seriously, this is the best top ever.

2. DKNY Tuxedo vest

3. Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans

4. Vince Aurelian Kitten-Heel d’Orsay Pump


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Chic: An Urban Look and How to Care for Your Shoes

  1. I’m currently in the market for a new pair of shoes… Just some basic black flats, but it’s taking forever because I want the PERFECT pair since I know I’ll wear them with everything! These are great tips for taking care of shoes! I’ve definitely ruined a heel in a crack before :(

  2. I am a shoe-a-holic, but also – like you – i am hard on my shoes. I recently invested in a pair of genuine leather hide and seuede madewell heels and I have to be so careful with the grain of the hide and not brushing it the wrong way. Oy. Shoes… arent they supposed to cover our feet? Why must we love them so much?
    x, Jordan Taylor, petiteMODERN

  3. Same here! Especially if something is a high ticket item, I think about it and research it a LONG time. I never go impulse shopping and always know what I am looking for. Helps narrow the search since I could look forever!

  4. Suede can be the worst. I was actually a little disappointed to see the heels had suede because I am so hard on shoes. I am hoping though that if I DO tear the suede my cobbler could just replace the whole heel portion. Hopefully it won’t come to that though!

  5. I’m so impressed with your style! I pretty much live in jeans and Henley shirts, so I’m hoping some of your style will rub off on me. So glad I found you at Virginia Bloggers!

  6. Hi Rose! (going off your email, so I hope this is right :)). Thank you so much for your comments. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. You should have totally seen my outfits basically from 5 years old to 20. They were….interesting to say the least, so not fashionable! I try to just have fun with it now and experiment. But it is definitely a journey and your own personal style is always evolving. What is your blog? I’d love to follow you!

  7. oooh gotcha. I know who you are. I subscribe to your emails through my personal email. I love a good budgeting tool. I just printed off the checklist of ways to save money and talked my husband into not buying any more napkins and just using our cloth napkins. Now to get off paper towels… That one is much harder!

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