Beauty: How to Combat Dry Lips, Feet and Hands

2015.4.24 Elements Post Beauty header imageIf you read this blog or follow me on social media, you will know I am in no way a beauty blogger. In fact, I am probably not even like most girls who know the latest OPI nail color release (or is Essie the big thing now?) or what brand of dry shampoo to use. I keep it simple and real with my beauty needs and often turn to the experts when I do have questions. Since beginning to work with Elements Beauty Shop, a woman-owned business here in Richmond that offers natural and luxurious products that are animal testing free, I have found a true expert and come to respect their opinions and knowledge. I also LOVE that they don’t try to sell me on their high end products but consistently offer suggestions in an affordable budget range. I enjoy working with Elements because they are a local store and so it’s easy to pop in and get advice or check out the latest line. But if you aren’t in Richmond, the owners are quick to answer emails or live chats on the website and often ask customers if they have time for a phone call to really figure out the best option for their skin care needs. For this month’s post, I turned to Sherry and Jeanie via email to ask them to solve my hardest hitting beauty woes: dry skin.


Lips – My lips are the worst! I have always had easily chapped lips and used to religiously use the medicated Blistex. It was the only product that would work. Now, I alternate between Burt’s Bees (only the regular) and a locally made chapstick, both of which I like. I’ve done the whole warm wash cloth scrub the dead skin off thing too and have now graduated to the this Sara Happ lip scrub. I think it works fine (although it smells so good it’s hard to keep from licking my lips!) but even after applying a heavy layer of chapstick my lips still become dry. Elements recommended that I try the Marula lip balm. At $28 for just under an ounce, I wouldn’t consider this a cheap product, but I would consider investing in this as a product I would apply at night. Now we all know my difficulty with adding things into my beauty routine, but I have such an issue with dry lips and picking at skin that it could be worth it. I haven’t been able to try this yet, but I hope to get some samples soon. Another one Element’s recommendations was the Lather Conditioning Lip Balm. I have tried the regular lip balm and felt that it wan’t moisturizing enough, but I love Lather AND I love how budget friendly their products are, so I would totally buy this conditioning balm at $8 to give it a go.


Hands – I have tried almost every product under the sun for hands. At least it seems so. I have used cuticle oil, coconut oil, argon oil, sleeping gloves (which get really gross after a while by the way), creams, vaseline (which we all now know is NOT good for skin) and lotion. I have essentially resigned myself to always having dry hands with easily cracked cuticles. I keep lotion in my purse and my car and am extra sensitive about reapplying lotion after I wash my hands. Elements suggested the Vapor Replenish Organic Cuticle Oil. This product is $18 and I would be interested to see how it stacks against the other oils I have tried. I find it best to use the oils and then follow with a lotion to help it sink in.


Feet – Now for the unsexy stuff: feet. Like hands, my feet are just dry. I have had some periods where my heels have cracked and bled from being dry (told you, not sexy). Thus far, I have found the best solution is to be vigilant about using lotion and keeping my feet covered. I have two routines: lotion and socks after shower and lotion and socks before bed. Not that I always follow this, but I notice a huge different when I do. I have also started dry brushing my heels before showering to help exfoliate all of the dead skin. I have used those infamous pedi eggs before too and they take some getting used to; however, I would recommend using a dry brush over the egg. Elements suggested this Kneipp Foot Repair, $30 for almost 4 ounces. Again, this is something that I would use at night before bed, so I can see the jar lasting a good amount. I purchased a Kneipp bath product the last time I was in the store and I absolutely love it, so I would try this brand and this product (if you purchase this through Elements, there is a free gift with purchase too!).


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This post was created in collaboration with Elements Beauty Shop. I received compensation for this partnership. All opinions are my own. None of the links in this post are affiliate links.


3 thoughts on “Beauty: How to Combat Dry Lips, Feet and Hands

  1. Thanks for reading Ashley! I do like the Vaseline lotion, but can’t wait to try some of the Elements products. There is something to be said about paying for what you get for sure.

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