Double Denim

2015.3.11 Double Denim

2015.3.11 Double Denim 2

2015.3.11 Double Denim 3


top – thrifted / jeans – J. Brand from Finicky Fox / boots – Hunter / bag – Cuyana (brand here, similar here) / scarf – thrifted / belt – thrifted / necklace – thrifted / umbrella – Target

Last week we had a few very rainy days in a row. It’s better than the below zero temps though, so I’ll take it. On these days, easy dressing in double denim is my go-to. Far from being a fashion faux pas, denim x 2 is a chic look these days. Try it yourself with everything from a jean skirt and chambray top to dark and light wash denim.


14 thoughts on “Double Denim

  1. I am loving this tote for work things. I got it because I need something that looked a little more polished than what I had bene using. The only downside is that I am afraid to pack it full because it is more like a bag vs. a really strong/sturdy tote. That said, I can put my lap top and a notebook or two in it along with my wallet, snacks, etc and it works fine. Just not sure about loading it up with a ton of heavy things.

  2. I’m always afraid to wear denim on denim but it looks really good on you! My boyfriend always rocks a light denim button up with his dark denim jeans. Maybe I should follow his example?

  3. I used to stay away from denim on denim, but now I am embracing it. I love a comfy chambray in a light or medium shade with dark skinny jeans; it’s so effortlessly chic. Love your outfit!

  4. Denim on denim is the way to go. I did it here with dark on dark but later that week did light on light. I’m addicted and it’s an easy combo! Thanks for stopping by and reading. :)

  5. Yes! Steal from the boys by all means! :) If you want to ease into denim on denim, try jeans and a chambray top layered with a sweater on top. Then you will get the denim shirt sleeves and collar without going full on denim.

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