VLOG – Elements Beauty Shop Haul

A quick VLOG on the beauty products I bought and a few down and dirty beauty tricks I learned at last night’s Element’s Treat Yourself event.

POST EDIT – The bloggers I mention are below. Check them out!

Petite Modern / Worthy Style / Tiramisu for Breakfast

If you are interested in the products I purchased, links are also below.

Jack Black Face Buff / Kneipp Joint and Muscle Salts / LATHER licorice root eye treatment / LATHER toning eye gel with vitamin K

7 thoughts on “VLOG – Elements Beauty Shop Haul

  1. You pronounce Kneipp very well – just also pronounce the K, too, so it is something like ” K – N – I (like in I) – P”, or “K + how you pronounce it in the video” :) Just thought I’d mention it since you talked about the pronounciation in the video.
    Your hair looks lovely, by the way

  2. So far both my husband and I tried them and we really liked them! They turn the water an orange color, but I did feel relaxed. I think using them a few times per week would get the most benefits muscle wise.

  3. Okay, so it’s Ka-NEIP. So we were close. LOL! Thank you for the shoutouts. Sorry it took me forever to actually comment, and I had so much fun catching up with you at the event. The sample of my Lather Licorice eye treatment I used after the event and I looooooved it! XOXO

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