Wednesday Chic: New


Outfit details: 

sweater – H&M (current) / vest – thrifted / jeans – GAP / boots – Atrex / necklace – H&M (current) / scarf – thrifted / bag – J. Crew via ebay / sunglasses – Prada

It’s been a while since I have been shopping (really shopping) for myself. I tend to just pick up little things here or there when out thrifting, but as I work with clients to create their style, I have bee more inspired to refine my own. Over the past few weeks I’ve done a bit of just that. It’s still trial and error as I tend to get sucked into pretty things that don’t truly fit my aesthetic (that oh so pretty Equipment PR sweater I found in Marshall’s got returned). Things I have kept? This oversized sweater from H&M, the now infamous dainty gold necklace and this white scarf (thrifted).



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Chic: New

  1. I do love that dainty necklace! and I feel like my personal style is always changing, but I have had to be more careful about not investing in trendy pieces because this time next year when I can actually wear them again or the season is right, they just aren’t cool anymore. So creating a closet full of essentials, staples, and timeless pieces has been a challenge, while only investing in a few (and second hand or steal of a deal) trendy pieces for spring/fall.

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