A Simple Beauty Routine with Elements Beauty Shop

2015.2.27 A Simple Beauty Routine - Elements Beauty ShopI will be the first to tell you that I am the worst about skin care. In truth, I just never bothered with it because I didn’t abuse my skin (no tanning (minus one small stint post college), no frequent heavy make-up/foundation, no smoking, etc.) and well, I’m just pretty lazy when it comes to skin care/beauty products. I want to use things that are simple, cost efficient and won’t take me years to apply/remove. As such, I’ve probably done some pretty suspect things to my skin over the years (anyone remember Sea Breeze?). Since I started working with Elements Beauty Shop (other posts in this series here and here), I have become slightly more educated regarding what I should be doing to care for my skin. Obviously there are a number of beauty products that could be recommended, but because I like to keep things short and sweet, I asked the owners to help me craft a beauty routine for those of us who hate beauty routines but still want to care for our skin.


LATHER Ultra Mild Face Wash / LATHER Ultra Light Face Lotion

AM – For the AM routine, you should cleanse your skin and then follow with a moisturizer. Simple right? I already do this as I would wash my face while in the shower and then apply a moisturizer. However, since Elements came into my life, I have stepped up my product game a little and am using both of these LATHER products. I sampled them both thanks to Elements and they were the favorites of what I tried. I have been using the full size bottles for about a week now (another thanks to Elements!).  I love the face cleanser as you truly only need to use a pinky finger tip full; it foams nicely and the smell is fantastic. I like the moisturizer as well (nice and light), but find I have to use a little more, about a two middle finger tips worth, to really feel like my skin is being moisturized and thoroughly covered. I think this is in part due to the cold, winter weather we are having, so it will be interesting to see how this might change come spring/summer.


Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel / LATHER Toning Eye Gel with Vitamin K / LATHER Licorice Root Eye Treatment / REN V-Cense Revitalizing Night Cream

PM – For your evening routine, things get a little more complicated with two additional steps and some different products (although you most certainly can just use the AM products again to keep it super simple). The first step is cleansing your face once again. I balked at this because surely I don’t really need to do this right? After all, I don’t use foundation so what am I cleaning off? Air pollutants that your skin absorbs was the answer. After that less than lovely idea processed in my brain, I was sold on the nightly cleansing. I purchased and currently use Thayers to cleanse my face in the evening because it’s as simple as dabbing some on a cotton round and wiping this over your face. After cleaning, follow with what I like to call my “add-ons” – items for your eyes such as fine lines, dark circles and the like. I sampled the licorice root eye treatment and really loved it. I am currently using the vitamin K gel as a sample and really love this as well. I plan on picking up a full size bottle of each at the Elements event in March. Finally, you should end your PM routine with a night specific cream or heavier moisturizer. I am using this REN sample from Elements currently and I really like how it feels. As I mentioned in my first post (here), it is a little yellow and has a different smell, but my skin feels so supple after using this. It is a much more expensive product ($55 for a 1.7 oz), so I may find a LATHER alternative when this sample is gone.

So far I am loving this simple beauty routine! It’s perfect for me and doesn’t add too many steps to my routine. The biggest change up has been actually cleansing my face and applying the creams at night. My face feels better in the month or so that I’ve been using better quality products and I’m excited to keep experimenting. If you have any go-to beauty products, please share them! I am trying out Shop Style (an affiliate program), so I’ve included a few of the products I have tried through Elements, some that were recommended and a few that I have used on my own below. Mini-reviews beside the links if I have used them!


Malin + Goetz Essentials Travel Kit, 6 x 29ml • Malin+Goetz • $30.00 – I tried the SPF moisturizer and felt it was too heavy for daily use, but still want to try out their other products. Besides, the packaging is just so pretty. Oh and it’s pronounced “Malen and Getz.” Who knew.
Somme Institute Starter Kit ($50 Value!) 1 ea • Somme Institute • $32.00 – Never tried this brand, but it was recommended by Elements. The starter kit seems to be a good place to start!
SOMME INSTITUTE Eye Cream • Somme Institute • $72.00 – Never tried, but was recommend. A Somme Institute rep will be at future Elements events so it will be a great time to ask questions if you are local. This is definitely a more expensive product and not likely to me in my routine any time soon. Unless I hit the lottery. And then I would probably go straight to Erno Lazlo.
Face Secrets Professional Exfoliating Cotton Rounds • Face Secrets • $3.99 – I use something similar now from my grocery store, but really want to start using reusable ones like these after seeing similar ones on Wardrobe Oxygen – Alison featured colorful, patterned ones but I am loving the all white in the link above.
Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera, Rose Petal, 12 Fluid Ounce • Thayer • $9.95 – Using and loving!
Farm House Fresh Hello Yellow Cream • FarmHouse Fresh • $30.00 – not the sample I tried from Elements, but every FHF sample I have tried has been beyond amazing. Seriously. This stuff is soooo luxurious.
Kneipp Citrus Fruit & Melissa Body Wash 6.8 oz (193 g) • Kneipp • $15.50 – I used the “Happy Life” (or something similar) and absolutely loved it – the lemon smell was heavenly. Couldn’t find it here, but if the one I used is any indication, the others should be great as well.
REN V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream V-Cense™ Revitalising Night Cream • $55.00 – Currently using and really liking this sample. This looks cheap compared to the Somme right?
St Ives Scrub, Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange 6 Ounce • St. Ives • $6.03 – My long standing go-to for exfoliant products!

PS – If you like Pinterest and beauty products, you could be entered to win a beauty an Elements Gift card! All you need to do is create a beauty wish list on Pinterest, pin at least 5 products from the Elements site and share the board on Element’s FB page. Easy. You can see my board here.

PSST – If you see anything you love and want to purchase it, make sure to use my code CHICSTRIPES for 10% off!


This post was created in collaboration with Elements Beauty Shop.  All opinions and post ideas are my own. 


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