An Intro to Elements

Elements5I mentioned in this post that I am working with a local beauty shop, Elements. They provided me and several other bloggers (check out Christina, Whitney, Kristel and Caroline ) with a bundle of customized beauty samples for us to try and review. The world of beauty products is relatively new territory for me and I consider myself a beauty product newbie. Historically, I have never really been “into” beauty products, never really having seen the need nor wanting to put out the money for beauty products that I just didn’t use that much. Obviously I use the basics, but I have never been into that latest shade of eye shadow or the newest BB Cream. As I am starting to focus on curating a quality wardrobe, though, I have been wanting to extend that philosophy into other areas of my life. Learning about the products Elements sells has been so intriguing and I wanted to introduce you to their gorgeous shop.


Elements is a family (and specifically woman!)-owned, local business with a strong e-commerce arm that ships within the 50 United States (and Puerto Rico!). The shop’s owners, Sherry and Jeanie started Elements as an offshoot of Sherry’s over 25 years in the health care industry. They believe that we are not only what we eat and wear, but what we put on our skin and of their products are tested on animals. Besides beauty products, Elements carries an assortment of  make up products, candles and other luxurious and unique items. The Elements logo was designed by the owner’s nephew and represents the four elements in nature: air, earth, fire and water.

elements2Elements celebrated their brick and mortar two-year anniversary this past November. They are located in one of Richmond’s most historic and celebrated shopping districts, Carytown (across from the McDonald’s for you locals). Sherry and Jeanie are firm believers in their philosophy of “If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it.” They constantly evaluate their products, receive in-service training from the brands they offer and are happy to educate their customers on products that work for them and are within their price range. This is my favorite aspect of the owners – they don’t care if you know nothing about beauty products and they won’t try to up sell you. They focus on getting you products that work for you – both your skin and your budget. And (most importantly), I didn’t feel looked down upon or as a lesser customer for wanting to stick within a mid-price range.

elements4The Lather wall is probably my favorite stand in the store because it represents products that I tried and love AND are within my price range. I appreciate that the recommendations for me were targeted towards what I currently want to spend (prices for Lather are mid-range, approx. $20 ish). As I slowly get more into beauty products, I may try some of the more expensive brands (ahem Erno Lazlo), but it may take me a while to get there and justify the cost. But seeing as how I can now justify a $100 t-shirt, it may come quicker than I think (maybe)!

elements1Elements also has a whole wall dedicated to men’s products and I can’t wait to slowly introduce my husband to some of these. If you are local, be on the look out for various events that Elements will be hosting. The first is Treat Yourself on March 11, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. A rep from Somme will be in attendance as is the make up artist from TEDxRVA. I also hear there will be champagne. I will be there as will most of the other bloggers. I hope to see you there!

There is one more post in my series on Elements for this month, so tune in next week to see a customized beauty routine for those of us who want to cover the beauty basics, but still keep it short and sweet.

PS – interested in trying out some products? Use the online promo code CHICSTRIPES and get 10% off your order!

This post was created as a collaboration with and sponsored by Elements Beauty Shop. All opinions and post ideas are my own.   





7 thoughts on “An Intro to Elements

  1. I may have to come to the event. I love trying new beauty products, but I have absolutely horrible skin. Especially as an adult. I am looking forward to trying this place out – I never knew they were there.

  2. This event sounds like so much fun! I have it on my calendar, so I am really looking forward to it. I just snagged my boyfriend some little JackBlack samples to try so it’s great that there’s a local place to buy more of their products!

    We should turn this into a VA Blogger get together :)
    x, Jordan Taylor, petiteMODERN

  3. Yay! So glad you found them. I have shopped there before but never for myself. They are really awesome about giving you products tailored to your skin (and budget). Come so we can catch up!

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