Life Lately & Updates

2015-02-06 12.50.57

Hosting the Thrifting Twitter Chat with YMSSSS while eating lunch at Good Stuff Eatery in Georgetown

Blogging/styling projects have been going strong, if not as steady as I want them to. It can be hard building a business when you have several other businesses/jobs that you do/need and I have to remind myself that it’s okay to take and build a business slowly. I do not believe in taking on debt to build a dream. This may fly in the face of what ever other entrepreneur out there is doing and while I can be envious of them living the dream they want NOW, I would rather take my time getting there if it means doing it debt free. We have lived with debt (albeit small, less than $5K credit card debt and the typical home, student loan debt) and it’s not fun and I have no desire to be there. So I get a blogging/styling job, I buy another clothing rack. I get a job, I buy a printer, etc. Maybe it’s not ideal and I have to continue to remind myself not to compare to others, but it will come in time. In the mean time, I just deliver the most amazing services and am a dream to work with.

2015-02-13 16.32.00

Cute outfits that don’t make it to blog shooting. Because you know, life. And it’s cold.

That said, actual blogging has been slow lately. I am working on making some updates and layout changes to the blog, updating social media handles and overall having things a little more streamlined and getting this blog to look a little better. The blogging landscape has changed so much since I started this in 2009 and it can be crazy trying to keep up (Grit and Glamour has some great posts on this topic (looks like she’s doing updates now too! so check back later)). I’m in the market for a new camera and have a purchase date of late April (see – there’s where that no debt thing comes in), so until then, I haven’t been shooting a whole lot of things for the blog because I don’t want my projects to be sub par. That said, I am working on some fun posts and collaboration projects with Elements Beauty Supply (first here) and a few outfit photos will be scattered here in there. To stay up to date, make sure you are following on Twitter and Insta since that’s where the magic happens.

2015-02-06 17.33.15

The most beautiful sunset over NYC

We have also been doing our fair share of experiencing life. My husband is going back to school and taking a few night classes (I’m beyond proud of him and he’s doing amazing!). We hit the rock climbing gym when we can and I climb with a climbing partner on nights he is in class. We traveled to New York to surprise my best friend for her birthday. That drive is hell on earth, but when will we ever get to do that again? In the 18 years of us being friends, we have only lived within driving distance three times. So we easily agreed and packed it up one weekend for a very cold, fun weekend. We started Serial (so very interesting but ultimately disappointing) and are now hooked on pod casts. I’m reading a lot (The Divergent trilogy – super quick read, pretty interesting) and placing a lot of online orders like getting a few of these fun swim suits to try on for our trip to St. John this summer, finally getting this coconut milk for my morning coffee (it is JUST coconut milk, NO guar gum), and getting into a few beauty products like this and this. All of these things were blogger influenced and I’m excited to try them. I’m totally into online shopping now since ordering things for a client. Just click, buy and then keep or return. Better watch those return policies/fees though! I have some Sole Society shoes headed my way thanks to their exchange only policy. I have also been doing a lot of yoga lately. It is my work out of choice now since my Colorado knee injury. I love these YouTubers: Yoga with Adriene who is down to earth and really puts forth a “Find what feels good” approach to yoga which I appreciated as a yoga new comer. I found Fightmaster Yoga a few days ago and love her. She is much more advanced than Yoga with Adriene (at least in the youtube videos) and tends to do things very fast or do poses I haven’t learned yet, but I love the challenge of these. If you need even more inspiration, here are two of my favorite insta yogis: Superhuman Yogi and Fit Queen Irene. I  mean, can you even imagine doing what they do? It’s crazy I tell you! But I also really love them because they remind their followers constantly that yoga is a journey and they started out not even being able to stretch all the way to the ground. So there ya go, midweek inspiration and life updates.


9 thoughts on “Life Lately & Updates

  1. I can imagine that the no-debt thing can be tough for growing your business but it sounds like you’re being really smart about it AND you’re working so hard! It sounds like you’re doing great and I love hearing people chase their dreams! You can totally do it :)

  2. @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl are my two favorites! I want my business to grow overnight which of course won’t happen so my main focus is on being mindful of small steps forward. Good inspiration, thanks! :)

  3. Sounds like even though you may feel like things are slow, things are going really really well! I am with you with wanting to be debt free! Student loans are truly the worst! I was so fortunate to get my new camera as a gift, something I had been thinking about for almost a year now, the timing was amazing! If you ever need someone to help shoot an outfit or two, just let me know! I would love to help any way I can, being behind the camera is a fun new hobby for me!

    best, Jordan Taylor

  4. Thanks! I will definitely let you know if/when I could do an outfit photo session with you! I tend to do them on the fly, so it’s hard to coordinate. That’s so awesome that you received your camera as a gift. Seriously – best gift ever. :)

  5. I actually follow beach yoga girl but have never heard of the other. Will check them out! I have to remind myself to focus on small steps too. Good to hear others are doing the same and I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. Just found your blog and I am loving it!! Great post, I am in the wanna-be blogger category and find it encouraging to know it doesnt fall simply into place for any blogger.
    Can’t wait to read more!!

  7. Hi Emily – thanks for visiting! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. :) I think almost every blogger has had times when they weren’t sure what their niche was and it does take a while to find your voice. Keep on blogging and you will find it out eventually.

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