Chic Stripes 30 Day Style Challenge – Week 5 Updates

2015 style challenge week 4

Happy Monday – last week of updating on the #chicstripes30daystyle challenge. You can view the recaps here, here, here and here. My original goal for myself was to wear more skirts, which I was failed abysmally.

Day 26 – While this outfit appears all black, it’s really a combination of navy pants with, well, all black. I had a client wardrobe meeting and closet cleanse so flat shoes and an easy to move in outfit was a necessity.

Day 27 – Snow day! Which in Richmond, Virginia means less than an inch of snow and all schools closed. I still haven’t purchased real snow boots, so the Hunters will work in a jam (my feet are always cold though, need to start doubling up on socks). Wearing an old thrifted sweater, scarf and bling earrings to dress up an otherwise very casual outfit.

Day 28 – Blue pants + black boots combo again but this time with an olive green army jacket over top. I think I would like this better with a white button down. Suggestions?

Day 29 – Completely forgot to take a photo, but was wearing hounds-tooth skinny pants and the same top as Day 26.

Day 30 – Cropped navy pants with thrifted sweater and black accents (necklaces and kitten heels). I really liked this outfit, but the necklaces kept coming out of alignment. I took two, clasped them together and them wrapped them around three times. I should have secured them with a safety pin in the back, but I’m hesitant to do that with shorter hair (easier to see if you jimmy something together).

Day 31 – Andrew and I helped his parents move on Saturday so the day was spent in my Fabletics capris (mini-review – love them because they are my “modern” capris, thick and my husband says they make my butt look good, but they easily attract lint and seem dull and faded after washing.) and old tennis shoes and various layers.




2 thoughts on “Chic Stripes 30 Day Style Challenge – Week 5 Updates

  1. Needed that mini review on Fabletics. I am going to try Super Fun Yoga Pants to see if they are better than my usual go-to’s from H & M yoga line and my old stand-bys from Target, etc. Thanks for sharing! – Lauren

  2. I just ordered another pair of longer leggings from Fabletics, so we’ll see how they hold up. I still love the others though. Super Fun sells some great lines. I love the Teeki brand – super soft, amazing feel. They are definitely worth the price tag. For the record, I think Fabletics will stand up longer than H&M/Target.

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