Chic Stripes 30 Day Style Challenge – Week 4 Updates

30 day style challenge 2015 week 4Day 19 – We had a work holiday and spent most of the long weekend painting. So I figured you could do without my oversized basketball shorts and hole-y t-shirt covered in paint.

Day 20 – Getting back into the grove of things often requires an easy and comfortable outfit. While I am moving towards a closet full of neutrals, I love this lime green sweater I thrifted last year.

Day 21 – My poncho cape! Great for days you want to be comfy and still stylish.

Day 22 – Another day of relaxed pieces.

Day 23 – No outfit photo basically because I forgot. But I wore jeans and a baseball style top from Target.

Day 24 – Attended a memorial service for a dear coworker and spent the rest of the day in jeans and an XL sweater.

Day 25 – Actually dressed AND got my husband to snap a pic. I love this shirt because I took it from my mom when I did her closet clean out and I wear it rather frequently. The slightly boxy and oversize style of it keeps it from being too dowdy on me.

ONE MORE WEEK! For me this is one more week of #Whole30 (thank goodness, I need wine and homemade popcorn ASAP) and the style challenge. I’m beginning to make my list of items to buy: J. Brand jeans, DKNY tights, Enza Costa top, etc. All in the pursuit of a new, more refined and adult wardrobe. Check out my pinterest board here to see what I’m currently craving.



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