30 Day Style Challenge Week 3 Update

30 day style challenge 2015 week 3Happy Wednesday! I enjoyed a long three day weekend mostly filled with (halfway) painting our hallway. We painted it last year in a very dark grey and have since decided dark wall colors are not us. So 2015 is the year of also repainting and finally finishing the rooms in our house. I figure after 2.5 years of living here I should get on it. Anyway… I’ve had a few people join in on the #chicstripes30daystylechallenge on instagram. Check out the hash tag to see what they are styling up from their own closets.

Day 12 (top row far left) – Casual work from home day. Loose PJ style pants and a sparkly top + necklace. Even if I don’t leave the house, I like to at least get dressed.

Day 13 – Another work from home day, but since my goal was to work in more skirts, I paired my favorite plaid one with an oversized sweater. Super comfy.

Day 14 – Lots of super cold weather over the next three days so it was mostly jeans and striped tops with long underwear underneath. I pulled out my hat and wore it quite frequently.

Day 15 (large pic on right) – All grey with a touch of coral in my scarf.

Day 16 (bottom row far left) – I was all set to not give two rips about this day’s outfit. I was over it I tell you. But I pulled myself together with the addition of a belt and scarf tied in a different style than what I normally wear. Just small changes but it made all the difference.

Day 17 – Saturday. We ran a bunch of errands, took a nap and otherwise chilled. I never got out of work out clothes.

Day 18 – Sunday was spent doing hardcore sanding on our walls/trim and caulking. I hate caulking.  And we still have to prime, paint the closet and then paint the walls. We hosted family dinner that night so I did a quick change into something comfy but cute.

I’ve done better with the pics with the whole selfie thing. Only 10 more days left of the challenge…I’m really starting to see what I wear and don’t wear. I’m working on a wardrobe overhaul for myself and have been pinning away. Check it out here and share your own inspirations.


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