30 Day Style Challenge – Week 2 update

Week 2 2015

Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Days 9 and 10

If I have discovered anything during this year’s 30 day style challenge, it is that it can be VERY hard to take a photo every single day. I mean seriously. Sometimes life just happens or you just want to live life and not take a photo. Despite my rather neglectful ability to take daily photos, I have been putting conscious thought into each outfit, so that has to count for something right? Are any of your doing your own version of this challenge? If you are, tag #chicstripes30daystylechallenge so we can see what you’re wearing.

Day 5 – First Monday of January means meetings. I pulled out a silky thrifted skirt and paired it with casual pieces for a professional but relaxed look. I hadn’t actually worn the skirt yet even though I found it a few months ago.

Day 6 – I was running a few errands during lunch breaks, so I needed something comfy and ready to go. It was also freezing (think 12 degree weather) so I opted for a thrifted sweater and a huge thrifted scarf.

Day 7 – Hmmmm. No outfit photo. I don’t even remember what I was wearing.

Day 8 – I paired tall brown boots with this, but loved the cozy comb of what was essentially a button down sweater under a sweater. It was cold out there.

Day 9 – What I wore for my Virginia This Morning segment. I realized after the fact I should have worn brighter colors (which I will do for my segment this spring!) but at least I had on the skirt. Originally I had picked out a black dress and a silk scarf but it seemed a little too airline stewardess.

Day 10/11 – Saturday and most of Sunday were spent in lounge/workout/pajama wear. We slept in, went climbing and read a lot. We made it out for brunch Sunday with the family and I did change for that, but of course, forgot the photo.

Will work on at least getting selfie-style photos for you next week!



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