Twitter Thrift Chat sponsored by @YMSSSthrift

Feburary 2015 Thrift ChatI’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my first ever Twitter chat next month on one of my favorite topics – thrifting. I have been following YMSSS out of DC for a while now and have even considered vending with them (for various reasons, not to mention the commute, it hasn’t worked out yet) and was truly excited when I received an email asking if I would consider hosting one of their chats. I said yes immediately because seriously, I love thrifting. I hope you all will mark your calendars for Friday, 2/6 at noon EST for an hour long chat about all things thrift. If you have a thrifting question, leave it in the comments and I’ll try to address it during the chat. The chat won’t include consignment/resell/estate auctions, but I’m happy to take our questions regarding those after or off line. And in case you want to get in on some twitter chat action before and after, be sure to check out these other great hosts!

Thrift Chat 2015 hosts


PSSST – Tune into CBS6 Virginia This Morning between 9 AM – 10 AM EST for a segment all about second hand outwear. It will feature some great consignment stores and amazing pieces for both women and men. See ya there!


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