Christmas Memories

christmascollageChristmas traditions from 2009-2013: family portraits, starting a musical band, participating in Stop Hunger Now, going through Christmas ornament where my sister and brother look oh so adorable, sibling time.

Christmas memories are some of my favorites. As a child, we had so many traditions  that we loved (our mom buying us those footie PJs that we would wear as we drove around to see Christmas lights, driving to Tennessee every year to visit extended family). I don’t think we ever thought they would change, but as life happened, the traditions changed. Holding on to tradition is important, but what has remained constant through the traditions are family. It no longer matters where we gather for Christmas, who is able to gather, or what we do. The most important thing is to just be together. My family loves nothing more than to sit around and drink cup after cup of coffee, talking, laughing until we are crying. We play silly games (Apples to Apples!) and go on walks. We dress up the dogs in costumes and my sisters post them to Facebook. We watch home videos for hours on end. In short, our tradition is being together and I couldn’t ask for a better one. The blog will be silent between now and the first full week of the New Year. I’m sure there will be posts on Twitter and Instagram (since that is my photo diary of sorts) and I hope you will take time to carry on traditions, make new memories and just be with your friends and family.

Thanks for reading in 2014, here’s to a great 2015!




4 thoughts on “Christmas Memories

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love these tradition stories. We always remember the good and bad tradition stories and it’s fun to pass them down (or at least share them with others).

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