Video: Get The Most For Your Clothing in Consignment or Resell

2014.12.18 More Bang for Your Buck Get the Most For Your clothing Resale

 Photo via NBC 12

In other news… I was featured on NBC 12’s More Bang for Your Buck segment last night (see what I did there… news…news). I worked with Jennifer last year on a general 2nd hand 1st shopping segment and this time we focused in on how to get the most out of your clothes when consigning or reselling. My biggest tip – shop your clothes around! It was almost comical how the two stores we visited each took the exact opposite from the things in my bag. Taking your unwanted items to a resell or consignment store can be one of the best ways to get back a little money, if you follow these simple tips and tricks of knowing what they take, how they take it, and when they take it.

  1. What they Take – The number one rule of resell and consignment is to know what a specific store sells. If you aren’t familiar with a store, visit their website or give them a call. Some store will not take any low end brands such as H&M or Forever 21 and others specialize in those brands. Other stores will not take mid level brands (AKA “mall brands”) such as Ann Taylor, Loft or Banana Republic. Know where you are going and tailor your discard piles accordingly. Some stores only take pieces that have been made in the past two years (little known fact, you can find this number on the tag of most low-mid price brands and it will have a small number with the date).
  2. How they Take It – As a typical rule, regardless of where you are going, make sure your clothes are CLEAN. If this means doing a load of laundry or taking a trip to the dry cleaners, do it. After making sure things are clean, make sure they are pressed and wrinkle free with no visible damage or wear. The idea is to present your pieces in the best possible light. Regarding wear – avoid the obvious things like armpit stains, holes, rips, or clothes with pilling or fades. Don’t take your clothes on hangers to most stores because that’s just annoying (side bar – we learned at It’s Chic Again that they WANT you to bring them on hangers); fold them neatly and place in reusable shopping bag. If you have any paperwork, boxes or original pieces from the item, include those as well. It will raise the value.
  3. When They Take It – There is nothing worse than prepping a bag of clothes, hauling it down to the store, only to find out that they aren’t buying on that day. No amount of convincing them to bend the rules just this once will work (and you will only look like a jerk). Some stores only buy by appointment, others have 2-3 days where they buy and others buy every day (up to a certain time near closing). You also want to keep in mind the season. If it’s December in cold climates, stores will not be accepting sun dresses, shorts or sandals. You want to bring them pants, winter coats, etc. Stores will often post on their websites/social media what they need – if you have those, your chances of having your items bought increases.

I’m hoping to get the actual file so I can embed it in a post, but for now you can just click over. :)

And now for my shout outs….

THANK YOU Jennifer for being so amazing to work with, THANK YOU NBC 12 for having these segments, THANK YOU Christian from Clothes Mentor Virginia Center Commons for opening your store to us, THANK YOU Rose for being so great on camera, THANK YOU Debbie for sharing It’s Chic Again AND for being amazing on camera!


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