Friday Chic: Christmas Plaid

2014.12.17ChristmasPlaidThere’s a lot going on in this post and I don’t just mean this outfit (my husband was less than enthusiastic on this one but I kinda love it). I found this skirt at Ashby and it was instant love although this is the first time I am actually wearing it. The length requires heels which I haven’t been wearing too much of lately thanks to my knee injury (an 18 mile, 9 hour hike in Colorado wearing 10 lb, un-broken in hiking boots will do that to you). Sweater is OLD and on my to replace list but I’m waiting until the right one comes along. Vest is a favorite thift score from when Fantastic Thrift catered less to hipsters and didn’t price their button downs at $10. Heels are my all time favorite Vince Camutos that I literally am wearing to death. I may have to come to grips with retiring them soon, so any suggestions in similar booties (they have a low heel which I love and the “v-neck” ankle looks great on petite woman) I’ll take ’em!

2014.12.17ChristmasPlaid32014.12.17ChristmasPlaid22014.12.17ChristmasPlaid42014.12.17ChristmasPlaid5Outfit details:

sweater – New York and Company, thrifted / skirt – vintage from Ashby / ring – H&M / heels – Vince Camuto / vest – thrifted


8 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Christmas Plaid

  1. Very cute! I have a vintage plaid skirt found on eBay in my closet that I have altered and re-altered and worn for years. I think I am pulling it back out this year for Christmas Eve.

  2. Yes! Plaid is so great for the holidays. I usually do casual for Christmas, but this year we are driving down so I’m thinking a long plaid maxi skirt might be in order. ;)

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