The Small Biz Holiday Gift Guide 2014

TheSmallBizHolidayGiftGuide2014It should come as no surprise that I love to support small businesses. Richmond is a fantastic place for shopping small as we have an incredibly driven and creative community that is always doing something new. This past weekend I visited several farmers markets and craft fairs to pick up the last of my Christmas gifts for extended family and have done most of my Christmas shopping for close family/friends through small businesses near and far. I don’t typically create gift guides, but I wanted to share a few items that I love, have been eyeing, or have bought myself. There are no affiliate links here, just honest to goodness great items. Happy (small) shopping!


  1. A Merry Mishap, Marbled Semicircle Necklace, $38. Designer from Boise, Idaho. Something about this clean marble necklace with gold details just gets me. I have seen a similar design here in Richmond and it’s on my “t0 buy” list. This is a great gift for the artistic sister, friend or niece in your life.
  2. Love, Cortnie, Color Me Fold Over Leather Statement Clutch,  $130. Designer from Maryland. I had seen these clutches before but they were recently brought back to my attention by Alison and I have been following Cortnie on instagram ever since, waiting for when the time is right to pull the trigger on my own clutch. The simplicity and ease of these are just beautiful.
  3. UNEARTHED, Grey Ostrich Leather Cuff Bracelet, $80. Designer from LA, California. I. Simply. Love. This. Company. Who knows how I first heard about Karen, probably through Etsy, but I have been eyeing her cuffs since almost day one. I purchased my first one a few years ago and have worn and featured it multiple times on the blog and have bought cuffs for my best friend and other people. The designs are great and she is constantly upping her game with new patterns, leathers and products.
  4. MuseGlass, Moss Terrarium Necklace, $72. Designer from Richmond, Virginia. I came across this designer via a flyer posted in a local coffee shop and instantly looked her up. Like I said, I’m a sucker to support small business and when it’s a local small business, I’m all in. Her pieces are both delicate and statement making and she combines nature and natural elements so seamlessly.
  5. Eve’s Imagination, The Elephant King Art Print, $35. Designer from Toronto Canada. My own home has an appalling lack of art hanging on the walls. Don’t get this confused with us not owning any art, because we do, this print among it. We just have’t gotten around to hanging anything. But I love this concept for art – the daughter creates scribbles which her mom turns into amazingly colorful images.
  6. Vaivanat, Cat Cocoon, $53. Designer from Lithuania. This is what my cats will be getting for Christmas. I’m hoping they love it as much as the cardboard box with a hole cut out.
  7. Sift With Style, Tassel Bracelet, $20. Designer from Williamsburg, Virginia. Another great semi-local designer, Katie creates super fun necklaces, bracelets and hair ties and actually ships them to another amazing local fashion store here in Richmond. I placed an order with her last week for a Christmas present and upcoming birthday present.

All items featured are from Etsy and all photos are courtesy of the designer’s Etsy page.


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