Monday Chic: Classic Navy and Black

2014-11-30 17.21.00 Happy Monday! How was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend? I had a glorious 4 days off and did absolutely zero work (post edit – I should probably preface this by saying I was off from my day job and didn’t do any blog/freelance work in my free time. Since I’m used to working ALL the time this is pretty unheard of, for me anyway). We spent a lot of time with family, had lots of great food and leftovers, did a fair amount of sleeping, read a lot, and got to climb at our gym two days in a row. It was the perfect time to rejuvenate and let ideas that have been simmering take a little more shape. We took these photos yesterday with my husband’s fancy new iPhone 6+ because my camera batteries died and I am very impressed with the quality. It won’t stop me from ordering my Nikon D7100, but ya know, it’s good in a pinch. We had some very random but oh so nice warm weather yesterday and I made sure to enjoy it in wide, breezy pants and a light sweater. A good blue and black combo is one I will always love.

2014-11-30 17.21.102014-11-30 17.21.172014-11-30 17.21.21Outfit details:

top – Soprano from Plato’s Closet / pants – thrifted / sweater – Forever 21, thrifted / bracelet – Barry Kieselstein-Cord from Baggio Consignment / shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo from Baggio Consignment / rings – Nest and vintage



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