Thanksgiving Traditions

ThanksgivingCollageI had planned to post all this week with the usual Thanksgiving post on Thursday, but after a very long week thus far and needing and wanting to spend quiet time with my family, I just wanted to share that blog posts will resume Monday (December!). I did want to leave you with one of my family’s favorite Thanksgiving traditions – making gingerbread houses! These are photos from the past five years even though the tradition started a long time ago. As it stands, we make gingerbread houses the day after Thanksgiving and always invite in-town friends and neighbors. The more the merrier! Of course we have some friendly competition. My sister Lauren usually always wins for best house as she is the creative type, my brother wins for weirdest/tallest/most unique construction as he’s the engineer and my other sister and I usually fall somewhere in between (I never win). My favorite picture from this college is the middle left, where Granny Dot (the spunkiest grandmother you will ever meet) was the judge of all houses and declared my brother the winner. He’s not very humble eh?  Each year the houses are always so different and that’s half the fun of the tradition. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I would love to hear!



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