Friday Chic: The Art of Not Dressing

2014.11.19ArtofNotDressingI don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s just too much to add that pop of color or layer of bling for a simple day of work, errands, or whatever you have on your schedule. A client said this to me once and I know I looked back at her, incredulous, thinking, “But it’s so easy to just add a scarf, a big chunky necklace or something to funk up your outfit!” Since then, I have found myself reverting to super simple looks with almost no accessories and have found that a look can be chic without being overwrought. I have found though, that textures, layers and colors are key. For the simplest of ways to build a minimalist look start with a basic color of your choice (here it was grey). Determine your bottoms based on what you need to accomplish that day (for me it was needing to be warm and functional – so jeans and black boots). A coat was necessary (hello 30 degrees in Richmond), so this black moto came out, giving me added texture and visual interest. I have on zero jewelry except for my wedding rings and it’s a rather freeing feeling. The key is to not take your look to seriously – reach for your go-to pieces that you already have and build from there. 

2014.11.19ArtofNotDressing32014.11.19ArtofNotDressing22014.11.19ArtofNotDressing4Outfit details:

sweater – thrifted / jacket – H&M / jeans – H&M / boots – Atrex


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