2nd Hand 1st: Baggio Men’s

BaggioMens5Baggio Men’s

If you haven’t been to Baggio Consignment lately and you have a dapper man in your life (or one you wish would be), then you’re in luck. Since September, Baggio has been quietly serving up the best selection of men’s designer consignment in the Greater Richmond area. I stopped by earlier this week and had the chance to take a peek into the new area (formerly the Baggio storage room). The simplicity of the layout and no frills approach both showcased their great options for men while creating a targeted men’s shopping experience.

BaggioMens2One wall dedicated to men’s button downs

There are a handful of second hand stores in Richmond that offer men’s consignment along side their women’s consignment selections. It is usually about a 90 to 10 split (favoring women) and they all have their own small niche – think casual, street wear or vintage. Some do offer designer pieces, but on a limited scale. Baggio is the first to dedicate the better part of a room (it’s own small store in sense) solely to men’s designer consignment. And what you will find is nothing less than first class: Ferragamo dress shoes, Burberry button downs, Canali and Ermenegildo Zegna suits. Did I forget to mention the Hermes ties?

BaggioMens3Ferragamo dress shoes 

To be fair, men’s consignment (and men’s specific retail as a whole in fact) is not always an easy road to take in Richmond. My own theory falls into the ways in which men and women shop – it’s quiet different in case you have never shopped with someone from the opposite sex. Women tend to shop casually, as a fun excursion, and even impulsively. Men tend to shop with a mission, getting in and out with clothes tagged in their size that they may or may not have tried on. While women have largely become accepting of or even seeking out second hand stores, men remain leery. I have slowly started my own husband on the track to shopping second hand, but what I have seen is that while I love scouring the rack for that perfect piece that will happen to fit, he is just the opposite. The thrill of the second hand hunt does nothing for him because what good is that cool piece that doesn’t fit? Women love to find something fun. Men just want to find their size and this doesn’t always translate nicely when shopping second hand.

BaggioMens7Just a few of the Hermes ties available at Baggio Men’s

But Baggio may just be helping to break that mold. They easily had 8-10 racks of clothing options for men. Just the right number to see a variety of designs and sizes while avoiding the treasure hunt mentality. It also helps that Baggio curates their selection – choosing only the best of the best.


Baggio Men’s is open Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM and Saturdays 10 AM – 5 PM; consignment buying is by appointment only.

9734 Gayton Rd, Henrico, VA 23238

Thank you Norma for letting me share the new Baggio Men’s!



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