Monday Chic: THE Jacket

2014.10.30ABAJacket3Very rarely do I see something and buy it the same day. Even when I love something, I typically wait a few days to make the purchase to see if I still want the item in question. This method has rarely failed me and quite often saves me from impulse purchases. But then I saw this jacket in H&M. I tried it on and immediately texted a picture to Andrew (I also put a lot of my purchases through husband or BFF approval) to which he immediately texted back “YES!” Even still, it took a good thirty minutes of trying on various sizes and weighing the cost to actually buy the jacket. I’ve only worn it a few times, but I look forward to styling it different ways as winter comes.  I also felt like a total bad ass wearing it and it put a swagger in my step for sure!


 Outfit details:

sweater – Talbots, thrifted / jeans – Banana Republic / flats – Lanvin from Baggio Consignment / scarf – thrifted / jacket – H&M (similar styles here. I purchased this particular jacket at an H &M in NYC and didn’t see it in the online H&M store)



2 thoughts on “Monday Chic: THE Jacket

  1. I love it! I wish I could have found it online to link to it, but it seems to be a popular style now, so I’m sure someone will have something similar.

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