Life: Colorado

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1 – Clear Creek Canyon. A destination for professional climbers, we both hiked, watched climbers, and climbed ourselves. I manged three relatively difficult climbs here (with the aid of my gear!). / 2 – The Continental Divide. On our drive back home it snowed in this spot. Walking even short distances leaves you winded due to the altitude. / 3 – At the start of our hike to Conundrum Hot Springs. / 4 – Aspen forest. The leaves had already changed, but the bare bark was just as beautiful. / 5 – Lake and mountain view on our hike. Absolutely stunning. / 6 – Field that we traipsed across on our hike. / 7 – Colorado gear involves hiking boots and cargo pants. Believe me when I say I got down and dirty on this trip. Colorado is not for the faint of heart. / 8 – Climbing at Clear Creek Canyon. Me in action, watching out climbing world (joking). /  9 – Rocky Mountain National Park, view at the tundra, the place where no grass grows, above tree line. / 10 – Herd of Elk. / 11 – A lake in a small town on the way back into Denver from our camping trip. / 12 – The simply breathtaking view of a bowl on a snow covered mountain (for reference, skiers will often ski “bowls.” Photos take on iPhone and Nikon Cool Pix and copyrighted to me.

Colorado is a state of unparalleled beauty with a simple un-realness to its landscape. Andrew and I spent all of last week there visiting my brother who moved to Denver several months ago. I really can’t put into words how great the week was. My siblings and I all love spending time with each other and it was amazing to see my little brother living in a city he now calls home. The people of Colorado are incredibly active – bicycle lanes are a real thing there and most people just simply love to be outdoors doing anything. The weather is sunny 300 days of the year. My brother taught us how to rock climb (subsequently, I’ve now got the climbing bug and buying gear is our future!) and showed us some amazing sights as well as around his city. We endured an 18 mile hike to Conundrum Hot Springs (or the death hike as I fondly call it) that was just above tree line at 12,000 feet elevation, biked all over the city, camped twice, and saw wildlife. The things we experienced were breathtaking, terrifying, and awe inspiring all at once. This trip gave me such a great perspective on life. And that is that life is truly meant to be grabbed and enjoyed. What purpose is there in stressing yourself with work you don’t enjoy, or to spending weekends watching Netflix, or on activities that no longer fulfill you? I encourage you to build a life you love living and live that life wildly.


2 thoughts on “Life: Colorado

  1. Yes! That is right! But a few -movies in the month ARE okay :-) So happy you were able to see the beauty of being in this real life.

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