Rest and Relaxation

2014.10.8 NYC SydneyWhite2Photo by Jai Mayhew

I had big plans to stockpile blog posts for the upcoming week, but by the time the end of the week rolled around, anything I would have posted would have felt too much like a space filler, posts to take up time and would have lacked any real substance. I’m turning 30 on Sunday and entering into what I know will be an amazing time of life. I want my life to be filled with quality things I enjoy: friends, family, trips, life; and I want to extend that same level of quality to my blog and site. We’re headed to Denver, CO this week for a fun, no business required week so I’m also taking this time to unplug (while over sharing on Instagram no doubt. You can follow along here) and enjoy the slew of activities we have planned. Think: wineries, skiing, breweries, mountain biking, rock climbing, coffee shops and thrift stores (what, you thought I wouldn’t find a second hand store while gone??). I’m ready!


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