Sydney Page Style: School of Style Graduate!

SOSNYC11 – coffee / 2 – one of the many bridges / 3 – the adorable train station in Speonk which rather inconveniently doesn’t have a physical address

I’m back after a great week in New York City for my very last School of Style class! It just so happened that it worked out to where a one day class for business turned into a few day trip to also visit with my best friend. She lives out (way out) in Long Island. It was simply gorgeous, but it meant a very early morning rail trip into the city for my class.

SOSNYC41 – the amazing view from Tribeca Studios / 2 – typical NYC street + cab photo / 3 – NYC skyline / 4 – Metro

While it was doubtful at times that I could successfully  navigate the NYC train/metro system, I managed (although I did end up walking myself in circle after my train stops thanks to the iPhone maps). I love coming into NYC despite the hectic nature of travel because it’s just so gorgeous and different from my daily life in Richmond. I usually try to venture out during our class lunch breaks to explore the city (like I did when in LA here), but since I had been to NYC a few times before, I opted for a casual lunch with a few awesome classmates.

SOSNYC21 – the view from Tribeca Skyline Studios / 2 – mood boards / 3 – accessory table

The class was located at Tribeca Skyline Studios, an actual studio available for rent for photo shoots. The studio was used to give us an idea of how a studio would be set up for professional shoots – complete with tables for accessories, wardrobe racks, vanity tables, etc. Prior to class, we were given homework of creating a mood board and then presenting it to the class as if the class was our client and we needed to pitch the idea. It was fun to see others’ mood boards and pick up helpful hints (i.e. “name drop” models, designers, etc., point out trends, colors, themes, etc.) for creating a successful pitch that sells your vision.

SOSNYC51 – our class! / 2 – learning to set up wardrobe racks / 3 – accessories table / 4 – shoes / 5 – merchandising racks / 6 – wardrobe hacks and the kit

This class is focused on preparing stylists for “set life:” learning how to merchandise clothes, accessories and shoes; setting up wardrobe racks quickly and efficiently without hurting anyone (tougher than it sounds); learning the ins and outs of your kit and what you need to have to be prepared for all things style related. As always, I loved the class and while I was familiar with some aspects having done wardrobe shoots for a while, I always learn something new. The greatest thing about finishing the classes? I am now in the Style Society where I get jobs in the industry emailed directly to me. Now, how often I am able to take advantage of them we will see since most jobs are in LA or NYC, but I am definitely planning on applying to a few NYC jobs next year so I can add to my portfolio and resume. If you are interested in styling in any way, these classes are a must!

Note – I wasn’t compensated for this post. It’s just a review of my recent experience and how much I love SOS!





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