Wednesday Chic: What NOT to Wear to a Winery (Kinda)

2014.9.28WhatNotToWeartoWineryThis past Sunday we spent the day at King Family Vineyards. We drove up to Charlottesville to watch the polo match, sip wine, and celebrate my husband’s brother’s girlfriend’s birthday (got that?). Believe it or not, this was my very first trip to a winery. I know tons of girlfriends who have gone and have seen the typical posed photos on Facebook, but it’s just not been a trip I had made myself. My first inclination was to rip through my closet searching for something appropriate to wear to what I just knew was going to be the most preppy and pretentious event of my life. Having never been to King Family, I was unsure of the layout, but knew there was a patio. In an effort to look the part, I donned this dress, a blazer, some delicate jewelry and chunky heels. You can imagine my horror when we pulled up to the winery and people were dressed in shorts, sandals, flip flips and all other manner of very casual attire. I knew my heels would be no good and I would look an absolute fool tromping around the grass (since that’s where we ended up, NOT the patio), out came my flip flops for the afternoon. You know what though? I don’t think anyone noticed and by the time we settled in to enjoy the day (which was beyond gorgeous), my dressing and shoe story was no big thing. We had a lovely afternoon watching polo and Google-ing the language and terms, drinking wine, and spending time with family and friends. I am definitely planning another trip to this winery as their Chardonnay was amazing and I certainly want to try as many other wineries as I can. Virginia’s wine industry is growing rapidly and it’s amazing that we have our own version of  “wine country” right in our backyard. And something else? I now know exactly what to wear (and what NOT to wear).

2014.9.28WhatNotToWeartoWinery42014.9.28WhatNotToWeartoWinery32014.9.28WhatNotToWeartoWinery2Outfit details:

dress and belt – H&M / sandals – Rainbow / necklace – thrifted / sunglasses – Prada

PSSST – You can find more photos from our trip on Instagram here.

This is NOT a sponsored post, just sharing a wine and experience I loved! I will be sharing a wine related sponsored post later in the month, so this happened to be an unrelated, but relative introductory post.



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Chic: What NOT to Wear to a Winery (Kinda)

  1. I really love your casual-chic Sunday duds here – flip flops or not! Some people just don’t know how to dress for a fun occasion, you know? That’s how I look at it. Can you believe we actually have 7 recognized viticulture areas in Virginia? My favorite two are Monticello and Middleburg!

  2. Aw, thanks! I just felt so awkward in flip flop since we rant and rave on them so badly in the fashion world. I love that we have our own wine country here – it’s really amazing!

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