Life Update and Mint Julep Winner

Happy Friday! Sorry for the radio silence (again). There’s not much to say besides life is just life. I recently took on a freelance job writing grants and handling development processes for a nonprofit in the arts arena which is an exciting (and profitable) funding area. I still have my full time job and of course my blog and the launch of my company. If I don’t schedule all my blog posts over the weekend there’s a very slim chance that will be posts during the week. Needless to say, that didn’t happen this past week. I’ve just discovered Season 5 of The Good Wife on Hulu which has been on nonstop so I can catch up. The Mindy Project is back on too. Oh, and I’m doing Whole 30 which has been interesting since my husband literally eats pizza, bagels and cream cheese, etc. every morn, noon, and night and I’m stuck with chicken, eggs and vegetables (hence my desperate tweets regarding needing more food options). So yea, life.

But you are probably more interested in the giveaway right? Can’t blame ya. So without further ado… congrats to Poly! You won the Mint Julep giveaway! An email is headed your way, so look forward to shopping!


6 thoughts on “Life Update and Mint Julep Winner

  1. Oh gosh – ha. At the time I was writing that, I was doing Whole 30, so no comfort foods for me! I’ve since stopped (a few reasons) but am going to start back up in January. After the holidays. ;)

  2. Ooh thanks! I will certainly check. I did it for two weeks and then stopped for a few reasons – the winery trip and then a spur of the moment NYC trip later this week with my best friend where I KNOW alcohol will be involved. Even doing it for those two weeks though I am so much more aware of ingredient lists, and eating just to eat. I enjoyed it while I was on it, but I do need to get into recipes more because otherwise I feel as if I am eating the same bland food over and over. Thanks for asking! :)

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