Friday Chic: Black and White

2014.9.15BlackandWhiteHappy Friday! Today’s my Saturday and I couldn’t be happier for a long, relaxing weekend. Thank you all so much for your well wishes and little surprises regarding our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. We are officially celebrating today with a few activities designed for ultimate photo opportunities and great memories. This outfit was an easy look earlier in the week for a long day of meetings and other work. Brogues are infinitely better than ballet flats in my opinion for several reasons: 1) they provide more structure and support for your foot, 2) they can be worn both dressed up or casually, and 3) they elongate the foot due to their oval shape (vs. the rounded shape of the ballet flat). Any shoe that doesn’t make me look short is good in my book!

2014.9.15Blackandwhite32014.9.15Blackandwhite22014.9.15BlackandWhite42014.9.15BlackandWhite5Outfit details:

tank – thrifted / blazer – H&M from Ashby / jeans – Banana Republic / shoes – Cole Haan from Baggio Consignment / necklace – from clothing swap

Thank you for those who entered the Mint Julep giveaway! The winner was supposed to be announced today, but I am still waiting on verification from the MJ team. I will announce as soon as I get the go-ahead. Hang tight!



5 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Black and White

  1. Hello, I am loving this outfit. I like all the pieces, but the shoes have especially caught my eyes. What else caught my eyes was your pretty eye make-up. Did you use a specific shadow palette? You look great!

  2. Hi – thanks for the sweet comment. So I am using an older Loreal eye make up compact right now, but it’s virtually empty, so I am going to try the new-ish Maybelline Nude palettes.

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