Event: Soft Surroundings Recap

SS1As I mentioned in this post, Short Pump Town Center welcomed yet another new retailer to their line up last week: Soft Surroundings. I received an email from their PR team announcing the event and they went into a lot of detail regarding their excitement about this new store in Richmond. They sell a lot of items online and through their catalog and have amassed a huge following in Richmond (as evidenced by how many people were at their grand opening). Being a stylist and all (hehe it’s real!) I figured I had to check it out to know what it was all about. As it turns out, women of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors love this store.

SS2SS3Soft Surroundings is like the adult version of Anthropologie with clothes, bedding, beauty products, and great gift ideas (candles, books, etc.). I personally loved the range of candles – they smelled gorgeous and would make really lovely hostess gifts. The clothes, described by one woman in line, as “forgiving” were that – but also comfortable looking, and very casual chic. Most of their pieces were accessorized with fun jewelry while keeping the base of the look soft. The demographic seems to be in the 40 and older range, but the range of items and simple yet chic construction would appeal to anyone with a classic sense in clothing.

SS5SS4The store also had a huge wall and area just for beauty products – great for all you beauty junkies who love trying quality, new (and maybe a little expensive) products. The store itself is huge, well lit, open and airy. A lot of thought went into the details and making it an inviting place to shop. I didn’t spend long during the grand opening as it was packed with wall to wall people, but I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the pieces. My mom wants a closet cleanse and wardrobe help and I’m thinking it’s the perfect store for her (while possibly scoring this sweater for myself).

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3 thoughts on “Event: Soft Surroundings Recap

  1. More Anthro in that they sell home decor items, beauty products, etc., that isn’t as young adult as Anthro. The clothes do gear more towards the older woman who wants a forgiving silhouette, but there were quite a few things I liked. I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday stop for clothes for someone our age, but worth checking out. They seemed to have great basics of good quality.

  2. Ooh, that beauty wall is definitely speaking to me. Cute store, sounds like fun. I like when a store has more than one assortment of merchandise, especially when they carry eclectic pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.

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